Ricardo Cadena is punished for criticizing refereeing in America-Chivas Mediotimpo

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The A national classicFinished in USA beat Chivas 2-1Leaving the coach with a bitter taste in his mouth Richard ChainAt the end of the meeting he did not hesitate to criticize the work of the jury, and already brought him a sanction. Regulatory Authority.

It was on the networks Mexican Football Confederation Punishment given by the technician Guadalajarawho Financial penalty For their revelations in the post-match press conference.

“The Regulatory Authority Reported as determined Punish financially To the Technical Director of the Club GuadalajaraMr Richard Chain MartinezDuring the tournament press conference related to Day 15 of the 2022 inaugural tournament, between Clubs America and Guadalajara“Criticized the referee, violating the Mexican Football Federation’s sanctions regulations,” the statement said.

What did Ricardo Cadena say?

An act of infuriating Richard Chain was against the referees Sergio Flores Shot on goal and William Ochoa Made a brilliant save over the goal line.

The play was the subject of debate between those who saw the ball in and those who supported the decision VARIt decided not to accept the annotation Guadalajara.

“It’s difficult for me to give a view, an opinion, to look for the referee at the end of the game. I was surprised. Fernando Beltran’s ouster, since he’s not the face guy, that seems exaggerated to me. Again there is a clear picture in the jury (Flores’ shot on Ochoa’s goal) that in networks As you can judge, it’s terribleI could not see till now,” he said.

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