Zaragoza establishes itself as the capital of citizen sciences

Zaragoza has once again become the citizen science capital, thanks to the celebration of Shared Identities: The Second National Science Meeting citizen, Social sciences and humanities. An initiative that brought together researchers, project management professionals, and hundreds of participants around the creation and dissemination of collaborative and open procedures born of citizens’ commitment to contribute to their communities.

The second version of this innovative proposal was held in Etopia Center for the Arts and Technology, confirmed the growing interest in cooperative projects, with a large presence in the various activities proposed by the conference. Thus, the event was marked by the inaugural conference held by Eva Méndez, Vice-Chancellor for Science Policy – Open Science at Carlos III University and an expert in open knowledge, followed by round tables Project management Progressive s Digitizing Heritage Through Citizen Science. The entire afternoon is devoted to the open-to-citizen workshops, which aim to train in different aspects of collaborative project management, such as microfinance, prototyping, and forms of co-creation or communication.

The Shared Identities Initiative transforms the Etopia Center for Arts and Technology into a reference space for co-creation of citizen-promoted participatory projects.

The day also set aside a space to show what results these “bottom-up” initiatives can achieve, with 12 citizen science projects selected for this edition, and whose promoters had the opportunity to share their ideas with researchers and the general audience. Among the projects presented can be found actions aimed at preserving the historical heritage through training artificial intelligence, and promoting the education of citizens to learn about the historical heritage. fake news Collaborative monitoring of detection and risks or creating support networks to support mental health through digital environments.

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“Making science more accessible is an essential step in making it more useful to citizens, so that it has a truly transformative power in societies. Initiatives such as Shared Identity seek to show that scientific knowledge is not something that is exclusive to academics and researchers, but can be acquired and used by any curious person with an idea to be developed, which sends a very powerful message about the potential of collaborative citizenship as a tool to change their environment. The success of this second edition confirms that citizen science is a field of work full of potential and that it is attracting more and more people of all ages, fears and sensitivities,” they explain from Etopia.

Shared Identities: The 2nd National Meeting on Citizen Science, Social Sciences and Humanities was promoted by the Ibercivis Foundation, the Zaragoza City Council and the Open Innovation Laboratories (LIA) of the University of Zaragoza, in collaboration with Etopia Centro de Arte and Technology.

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