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Colombia is televising the World Cup live from home, while the group stage is being decided. Iran led by Carlos Queiroz were eliminated in their third match against USA.

Despite the fact that their numbers are not bad, since the process of leaving the tricolor without going to the World Cup began, the memory of the strategist in the Colombian environment has faded. In an interview with Colombian media in the mixed zone after the game against the North Americans, he was questioned about the tricolor flag.

Honest, but at the same time diplomatic, the Portuguese strategist spoke about the lack of the tricolor flag in the tournament, in addition, about the problems at the time, “Colombia deserves to be in the World Cup, with the players they have. If you remember correctly, the second round of playoffs came at a crazy time. The preparation, the players who stayed in Europe who didn’t play, everything around Covid has gone crazy”.

The point I had was that when we played the second round of the qualifiers, Colombia were not in a position to play, because of the preparation, the absentees, it was not the moment. The decision is made, and it is honorable“He spoke about the situation the players were in, along with the extra game issues.

filled in”Remember, in the morning, I test, before practice, I test, you cannot come to practice because it was positive. Coming to the World Cup without training and you’re checking into a hotel, it’s not ideal”.

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He also mentioned the new process under the command of Néstor Lorenzo.The future will always be better and the people to come will learn from the past. They won’t make the same mistakes”.

He concluded his speech, not mentioning other factors, but leaving in the air that there are many incidents and factors that cut off the process that began in Colombia, even mentioning that last commitment, adding factors as a result of the pandemic. restrictions”Not only this, but it greatly delayed the quality and performance of the team. Some of the players had not been in the country for almost a year. When they returned from Europe for a game, their family and friends felt the need to be together. In the last game they arrived in Colombia to return to Europe. The worst thing is that the players head is not right”.

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