Residents are fighting for community space in San Felipe Tlalmilupan, in Toluca

Neighbors of the Alamos neighborhood, the San Felipe Tlalmilupan delegation, in Toluca, reported that Representatives of a construction company are seeking to take over one of their community spaces It is located on Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Street.

Citizen Miriam Chavez pointed out that since six o’clock last Monday morning, machines have arrived on the ground to raise the grass and begin construction. The neighbors quickly gathered at the place to prevent them from continuing.

However, representatives of the construction company surrounded the place almost immediately. They claimed to have ownership papers, although they were not shown them. A short while later, members of the municipal police arrived. But according to neighbors, they protected the supposed owners and arrested Oscar Chavez, Miriam’s father, for opposing the construction work. Subsequently, he was transferred to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

Community space in San Felipe Tlalmemilulpan

According to residents of the Alamos neighborhood, the company that built the road divisions leading to San Felipe is Tlalmemilulpan He donated this area to themwhich uses the community as an entertainment space.

However, a document was presented proving this The land has an owner.

Diego Terron, a member of the Independent Commission of San Felipe Talamiloulpan, questioned the appearance of the supposed owners of the land “suddenly.” In addition, he accused the municipal police of supporting representatives of the Confederation of United Organizations and Unions of Mexico (COSUM), who brought building materials, raised grass, and even began throwing away trees planted by the community.

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They ask for an explanation

The residents of this town in Toluca called for dialogue with the municipal authorities to explain the situation to them. Diego Terron He emphasized that the city council knows it is a community space. He mentioned that even Mayor Raymundo Martinez Carbajal used the place last year to provide support to municipal police officers.

For their part, the delegates of San Felipe Tlalmemilulpan stated that since they were notified of the expropriation, They looked for the relevant authorities. Among them, they went with employees from the municipal legal department, but did not receive any response.

One delegate commented that they asked him to provide paperwork proving that the space was a donation area, when it was documentation that the city council should have.

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