The equitable military space

Talking in these times of the place that Mexican women should occupy is delicate due to the multiple interpretations and also, why not, conceptual, legal, sensitive and personal mistakes on the matter.

However, to the above, I take a risk and like many, I believe in gender equity and equality, as well as I believe in the respect that should exist between women and men as human beings and as equals.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing these lines, a profound inequality, apathy and machismo against women continues in our country. Personal, family and, of course, work opportunities continue in favor of men.

Few know the transformation that the armed forces of our country are undergoing in this regard. Mexico since its birth as a country has needed women in all its armed movements, in interventions, in revolutions and, of course, in what today the armed institute has become, that is, a modern, professional, dignified institution and, above all, an institution that offers a clear and permanent career path for women and men alike.

In the Mexican Army, navy and air force, a woman who reaches a military or naval rank receives a salary exactly equal to that of a man. Military obligations and responsibilities are the same, and hence the value of women today in the armed forces is irreplaceable and therefore necessary.

Recently, the Secretariat of National Defense issued a call for women who are interested in entering the active service of the Mexican Army, either as Second Lieutenant Auxiliary Medical Surgeon or as a soldier of the military police, or there is also the option of entering the Service of Military Justice.

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Within the military and naval educational system, women have the possibility that in a medium term there will be the first woman secretary of Defense or the Navy, as well as a commander of the air force, because they are already graduating from the Heroic Military College, the Heroic Naval Military School, as well as the Air College, women at arms who have before them a promising and effective future within the arms race.

Today the soldiers of land, sea and air maintain an esprit de corps exactly equal to that of men. They suffer the sacrifice that any soldier suffers; they enjoy the benefits that, of course, military and naval life offers.

Today the military woman prepares from so many fronts to fulfill the mission.

Equality is a way of life within the armed forces, which obviously will always be perfectible; However, the important thing is that the route traced by the Army is a reality that seeks the best results.

Beyond the global trend that demands gender equality and equity in all countries, in all sectors, in any space or ideology, the Mexican Army understands the need to open to Mexican women the same opportunity that it offers to the man. It understands the need for women to contribute all their ability and ability to serve the country.

From this space, our recognition of women.

Our recognition of the military woman.

Also our recognition to the armed institute for insisting on the search for equality.

John Ibarrola C.

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