Rescue Injuventud spaces of the Cecytez de Plateros

FRESNILLO. The Institute of Youth of the State of Zacatecas (Injuventud), in compliance with the task of providing more and better spaces for the integral development of youth, carried out the dignity of the main garden of the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Zacatecas ( CECyTEZ) Plateros campus.

Aarón López Lechuga, general director of the Youth Institute, pointed out that this work was carried out in the municipality of Fresnillo with the program “Rescue of Young Space”, in coordination with the CECyTEZ, and with which 360 young people will benefit.

He said that this is a space that will allow this sector of the population to have a dignified and adequate place where they can carry out activities, always taking into account the relevant health measures in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

He stressed that a total investment was made, hand in hand with the educational institution, of 114 thousand 836 pesos, money with which adjustments were made to the space with the placement of metal benches, concrete firm, the placement of the flagpole, among other details that enhance the image of the space.

López Lechuga said that, in addition, with more than 35 thousand pesos, the school nursery was rehabilitated where vegetables will be produced through hydroponics. Trees were also awarded for reforestation of the site.

The above, as part of a second support with which it was possible to carry out a joint venture that will bring a greater benefit to the student community.

The official thanked the participation and interest that the various educational institutions have had in this call, which aims to provide all the youth of the state with worthy spaces for comprehensive development.

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He said that for the youth and the State Government it is very important that municipalities and educational institutions take into account the needs and concerns that the young sector refers to in order to bring them closer to the different programs.

Also present at the event were Marco Tulio Mojarro, director of Cecytez outreach, and César Manuel García Dávila, director of the Cecytez Plateros campus.

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