Repression in Bolivia: 1 journalist injured and 4 civilians detained Balance of 24-hour strike in Santa Cruz

Hundreds of people protested Camacho’s abduction by the repressive forces of Luis Arce’s government.

Powerful Street accidents There was a clash between the public and the police in this area on Friday Santa Cruz (in eastern Bolivia), after its governor, the opposition leader, was jailed Luis Fernando CamachoFor case of departure Evo Morales Presidency in 2019.

Hundreds of people expressed their disapproval Kidnapping of Camacho By Repressive forces of Louis Arce’s government in some neighborhoods of the city Santa CruzEconomic capital Bolivian and is the most populous in the country with nearly 2 million people.

This Friday afternoon, a group of youths attacked Police Command A reporter from the news agency found people throwing stones, throwing firecrackers, and burning rubber tires in adjacent streets. AFP.

Uniformed men quelled the demonstrators Tear gas and less Four civilians were arrestedAccording to the first report.

Besides, Three vehicles on the road were burnt.

Private TV channel Unitel It also showed pictures of one of its journalists Wounds on the bodyEffect of shooting by police officers Rubber particles Against those who covered up the struggle.

The communication specialist received multiple impacts from rubber bullets fired by the police

These demonstrations have been carried out amid the call of Santa Cruz Civic Committeeto one 24-hour strike This Friday and blockade the streets and avenues.

A protest is being held against the arrest CamachoA 43-year-old lawyer and businessman Charged with “terrorism” by the prosecutor’s officeis indicated as an important part of Social mobilizations encouraged that Resignation of leftist Morales After 14 years in power.

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The prosecutor’s office promised then Conspiracy Against Morales (2006-2019)

Summarizing the court hearing, the governor said, “I’m not going to give up”, changed to choncoroA A maximum security prison In Andean Pampa of Dept peace.

Camacho called on Bolivians to stop the ruling party.Dictatorships like Venezuela and Cuba should be imposed”.

Morales, who has been in power for 14 years, rejected the arrest of Camacho, a 43-year-old lawyer and businessman accused by the prosecutor’s office of “terrorism” and played a key role in the social mobilizations that prompted the resignation of the left. (Reuters)

He revealed that the only thing he did in 2019 was a “protest”.FraudMorales, In Elections That year, 2025 is up for re-election.

Morales has always denied the charge and said he suffered a conspiracy Civil-Police-Military planned.

A Bolivian judge ruled this Friday Four months in pretrial detention Against the Governor Luis Fernando CamachoDue to the 2019 crisis, the so-called “Conspiracy I” case.

“An army, dark, false, menacing and Improper judicial decision, He was sent to jail for 4 months choncoroTo the governor of Santa Cruz,” Camacho’s communications team said on the politician’s Twitter account.

Uniformed men dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas and at least four civilians were arrested, according to the first report.  (Reuters)
Uniformed men dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas and at least four civilians were arrested, according to the first report. (Reuters)

A judge of the Eighth Criminal Investigation Court ordered a preliminary investigation against Camacho. Almost more than nine hoursFrom there the governor followed her Special forces units that fight crime (Felcc), in La Paz, where he has been detained since last Wednesday.

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At the end of the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyers, a former pro-government legislator Lydia’s grandmotherState Attorney General’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office and Government (Home) Ministry announced They will appeal against the decision to extend the detention to 6 monthsInitially requested.

Additionally, The Santa Cruz governor’s defense said he would appeal “There is no justification for remand in prison,” the judge’s decision said.

(With information from AFP)

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