Representatives of Nicolás Maduro’s regime and the Venezuelan opposition meet in Paris

Maduro regime and opposition negotiators, Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Plait -second and fourth from left respectively-; Next to Michael Ramis, left, Caribbean director of US and French diplomacy; Eleonore Garouit, Deputy for the 2nd Constituency of French Residents Abroad, center; and French Ambassador to Venezuela Romain Nadal (@NadalDiplo)

Ambassadors from Nicolás Maduro’s regime and the Venezuelan opposition meet at an organized meeting in Paris. Forum for PeaceIn a quest Possible restructuring of official dialogue, interrupted by the end of Chavismo. President of Chavista Parliament, Jorge Rodriguez; and Ambassador of Juan Guaidó, Gerard PlydeFaces are seen in a crowd behind closed doors.

The meeting was supported by the Presidents of France on the initiative of the Élysée. Emmanuel Macron; and from Colombia and Argentina, Gustavo Pedro Y Alberto Fernandez respectively, participating in the Peace Forum this Friday. The three presidents plan to meet to review the situation in the Caribbean country.

“Starting to work with the Venezuelan delegation at the Paris Forum for Peace,” he said on Twitter. Romain Nadal, French ambassador to Venezuela. Accompanying the message was a photo you can see Jorge Rodriguez, Gerard Plyde, Michael Ramis (Caribbean Director of US and French Diplomacy) and Eleanor Carolid (Deputy for the 2nd Constituency of French Residents outside France) together with the above Consul.

For its part, Eleanor Carolid He also revealed on the social network: “I met with representatives of the authorities and the Venezuelan opposition. France can play an important role Negotiations are underway in Venezuela. The message was accompanied by two photographs. In one of them, Rodriguez and Blight can be seen shaking hands.

Greetings between Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Plait (@CaroidEleanor).
Greetings between Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Plait (@CaroidEleanor).

According to Elysée, the purpose of the meeting was “Support“Dialogue that attempts to break the current deadlock and reach celebration”Fair and transparent elections“In Venezuela.

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The talks between the government in Mexico and the Venezuelan opposition, It was broken by official decision In mid-October last year, and a series of underground contacts have so far failed to renew negotiations.

Elysée delivered a congratulatory message between Macron and Nicolas Maduro on Monday during a climate summit in Egypt, as did the US climate ambassador. John Kerry.

For the French government, everything is part of an international process Try to start again Relations between the regime and the opposition have been helped by a “new energy” in Latin America after the last election victories. Petro in Columbia and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva By easing US sanctions on Brazil and Caracas.

Greetings between Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Maduro in the framework of COP27 (Miraflores Palace/Manual via REUTERS)
Greetings between Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Maduro in the framework of COP27 (Miraflores Palace/Manual via REUTERS)

Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Maduro He held a brief conversation on Monday in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is hosting the 27th UN Conference on Climate Change. (COP27).

The French president and the Venezuelan dictator met in the corridors of the climate summit and shook hands at length. During the handshake, Macron expressed his desire.Talk a little more and start bilateral work useful for the country and the region”.

“The (European) continent is reinventing itself,” he pointed out.

Maduro and Macron also discussed the bilateral cooperation agenda between Venezuela and France and measures to combat climate change. Telesure.

“Great handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, within the framework of COP27, undoubtedly the meeting point between governments and countries of the world. The doors of Venezuela remain open to the French people,” the Venezuelan dictator later tweeted.

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