Remove the squid cam phone number for Netflix harassment

Probably no one imagined it Squid game Will become a global phenomenon Netflix. This South Korean series has been seen a lot on stage in recent weeks Streaming They enjoy the bees of success, but the only person who has a bad time in the midst of great joy A woman suffering from the strange coincidence of the phone connection that appears in the series.

In the plot, participants in the game a Card with phone number It was written that they should call. The detail of the plot of little importance, it may seem, but it is Makes the life of a poor woman in South Korea bitter.

As they explain on the portal Korean flower, The numbers that appear in this series correspond to a real person, the series has only received thousands of calls to his cell phone at all times since it was screened last September, which has already affected his health.

Since it came out Squid game I receive endless calls and text messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week It is hard for me to continue my daily lifeSaid the owner of the phone number Money today.

“This is my number for over ten years, so I’m stunned. I already had to delete more than 4 thousand numbers And as more and more people are eagerly calling me day and night, we have reached the point where the battery of my phone goes out and goes off. At first I didn’t know why, but my friend told me my number was in The Squid Game and that’s when I realized it.

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Usually some of the numbers in the film production are usually erased to avoid this type of problem, which is what the makers of this series did. There was a problem They only removed the first three digits, They are associated with the local prefix, so they are automatically added back when someone calls the number from Korea.

They will pay millions to the victims of The Squid Game

Before this The harassing condition of the victim woman, He said he could not change his number because it keeps all of his clients for employment, Netflix asked the public to stop calling He also announced that he would edit the areas where the number is displayed to try to solve the problem.

As compensation for the inconvenience, the company Streaming Provided to the victim a Won 5 million compensation (about 85 thousand pesos)I don’t know if she accepted them.

What is a squid game?

Currently we all know him from the series, but in reality it is a game for kids Scratch with a small metal tip to create a shape without breaking the cookie. There is luck in the choice of figure to work in order from easy to difficult Triangle, circle, star and umbrella.

For yes Serie de Netflix I mean, this is a South Korean product Plot about that Lack of money for hundreds of players They accept a strange invitation from children to participate in games. Inside, the inevitable prize of millions (the official currency of that country) is waiting for them, but in order to get it they really have to put their lives in the middle.

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