Relationship between AMLO and Cuba, under the magnifying glass

Fraternal relations called President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Maintains with the Cuban government – an island he will visit for the first time as president from May 7 to 9 – more than 40 years ago, this period has been subject to scrutiny by the Mexican intelligence apparatus.

According to the file Spying In the early 1980s, when he was a representative of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INI) in Tabasco, Lopez Obrador promoted the transfer of technology for the construction of houses. Between that company and the government Fidel Castro.

Intelligence report conducted Universal Cuba Lopez Obrador’s Native Technologists Knowledge of Building Affordable Housing and the Tabasco Government will send farmers to Havana to share their knowledge of planting techniques. However, according to the document, the farmers sent to the island only went to visit Havana because, DFS alleged, they knew nothing about farming techniques.

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“Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador, in coordination with Governor Leandro Rovirosa, promoted the transfer of technology with the Cuban government. Says.

“Amlo: Communist Leader”

In the first report of the DFS file dated June 14, 1979, Lopez Obrador was then the leader of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM) in Tabasco. It points out that Lopez Obrador returned to his own company in June 1975 after studying political science at UNAM when he became governor. Leandro Rovisora ​​Wade, And he served as INI’s State Representative in Nacajuca. The DFS confirmed that Lopez Obrador was a “choice” to select activists and fighters from the Mexican Labor Party (PMT) and the PCM.

“All of them never promoted the system for the development of agriculture, but devoted themselves only to the politicization of the peasantry under the Marxist-Leninist orientation.”

From May 7 to 9, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will travel to Cuba for the first time as federal president. Photo: Special.

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“Traitor to PSUM and marginalized”

In a statement dated July 25, 1983, a DFS agent infiltrated a meeting of PSUM leaders in Denos, near the Usumasinda River, where Lopez Obrador, who served as head of the state PRI, promised to “infiltrate” the socialist leaders. Created “detrimental effects on the communist movement in the state” for which they described him as a “traitor to the PSUM and the marginalized class”.

At the meeting it was confirmed that some voices had pointed out that Lopez Obrador had an attitude “completely contrary to PSUM”, but “others say he is trying to make PRI more progressive and revolutionary. Opinions are now divided. Some say it is completely contrary to, while others say he is trying to make PRI more progressive and revolutionary.

“There is a truth in all these speculations, which is forcing Lopez Obrador to point to the PSUM and the marginalized as a traitor, and none other than this politician with no definite ideology.

Written in pencil, page 51 details, after Lopez Obrador resigned as head of the state PRI, he financially supported the PCM and had communist links. “When Leandro Roviros Wade was campaigning for governor, Lopez Obrador, a member of the Communist Party, joined the organization, which offered him the position of representative of the INI and financially assisted the then PCM.”

At the end of the speech, Lopez is said to have received the support of Obrador leaders Sondal IndiansWho, after receiving help, asked him to lead their struggle.

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