Regina Kanaz, “Ta Bubu”, pleads guilty to money laundering cover-up linked to former President Fonseka

“Ms. Regina Kanaz is undergoing a brief process, she will be sentenced and will return the money to the state. We will refund what was stolen,” lawyer Raul Melara said on Twitter.

Regina Canas, also known as “Thea Pubu”, will be subjected to a brief proceedings before the Seventh Intelligence Court in San Salvador and will admit that former President Mauricio Funes participated in the scandal in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Kanaz, the second wife of the former fugitive governor, has been charged by the prosecutor’s office with “special cases of money laundering.”

“Ms. Regina Canas is undergoing a brief process. She is due to be sentenced and he will return the money to the state. We will return what was stolen, ”lawyer Raul Melara wrote on Twitter.

“In the case of Ms. Regina Kanaz, she appeared for this process through her attorneys. Apparently she is a fugitive. It happens because you are ready to repay the money that is being processed.

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Luis Antonio Flores, a former shareholder of the Presidential Asylum in Nicaragua, may have pretended to have borrowed 95 95,000 from Mancia, but according to the prosecutor’s office, there is no record that this person carried out banking operations or provided that money.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Kanaz and Funes sought to “give a legal look” to the funds used by their son Diego, thus “avoiding the consequences at the civil level and, above all, a criminal investigation.”

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During the presidency of Funes, Diego Roberto Funes bought eight vehicles and a motorcycle for a total of 4 154 thousand. The vehicles the young man traded included a Hummer truck, a BMW and a Lexus. Probability investigations suggest that the latter bought it for $ 60,000.

Financial sources pointed out that the origin of this money to buy cars was illegal. The defendant, who now has a national and international arrest warrant, “had no legal evidence of reported income at the time of the purchase.”

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