Rebellion in CELAC: Ten countries disassociate themselves from a declaration praising socialism

The ten Latin American countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) They said on Friday, June 28, that there is no “Selag Social” section in the area, and They withdrew from the published statement Honduras Among other things, it praises socialism.

“The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) does not have a section, program or initiative called 'CELAC Social' and therefore any demonstration expressed under that name does not represent an official communication of CELAC,” it pointed out. A statement Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay are signatories. EFE reported.

A group of countries requested HondurasThe pro tempore chairman of the organization, “It should be made clear that the invitation is public 'Declaration of Tegucigalpa' It is not a document or an official designation Community of Latin American and Caribbean States”.

“The content of the so-called 'Declaration of Tegucigalpa' was not consulted with the member states of CELAC, nor is it a document to be understood as emanating from CELAC, nor does it represent the view or consensus of the CELAC mechanism of its member states,” the report concludes.

The “Tegucigalpa Declaration” was published on social networks on Thursday by the X profile called CELAC Social, within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the coup in Honduras.

That profile, created on June 6, which defines itself as an “activist and non-profit organization,” was shared on Friday. A release Congratulations of the Sao Paulo Forum “Successful opening schedule at the 2024 Community Summit, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.”

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Both the CELAC Social and the so-called Sao Paulo Forum met in Tegucigalpa The so-called Latin American and Caribbean Integration Table, which also includes organizations such as the Progressive International and the Puebla Group.

The controversial declaration expresses rejection of the coup attempt in Bolivia. This week and support for the government of Honduran President Xiomara Castro for its “deep program of social and political reforms to take back the state of Honduras.”

The text also states that “democratic socialism is a necessary political, economic and social model”. We need to protect humanity and the planet from the process of destruction by neoliberal imposition and the dire consequences of capitalism.”

And it stands in solidarity with Palestine for the “genocide perpetrated against Palestine by Israel's military occupation.” It describes international sanctions against the regimes of Venezuela and Nicaragua as “unjustified”, as well as the US's “disgraceful economic and commercial blockade” against Havana.

This is the second time The same group of ten countries publicly distanced themselves from the statements issued under the name CELAC During the interim presidency of Honduras.

First, on March 19, the Honduran president issued a statement to disassociate himself from congratulating Vladimir Putin on his election victory in Russia, as pro-temporary head of the organization.

That day they also distanced themselves from Castro's statement on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and the crisis in Haiti.

Honduran newspaper the viewer warned that “This incident calls into question the administration of Xiomara Castro as CELAC's pro tempore president and raises questions about his ability to lead the organization in a way that is inclusive and representative of all its members.”

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