James made Vélez fall in love, but there was no reconciliation: he warned her of a trial by fire

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The renowned journalist analyzed Colombia's win against Costa Rica. Ten, much appreciated.

Carlos Antonio Velez and James Rodriguez
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The Columbia exam They beat Costa Rica 3-0 and the team led by coach Nestor Lorenzo managed to qualify early in Group D, but now, they will decide the top spot against a resurgent Brazil.

This era of coach Lorenzo has left a good process and the position of some players has been confirmed in his first two Copa America outings, James Rodríguez is the most notable as he has shown him the maximum numbers as he wears his country's shirt. .


Columbia exam

On James' status in this Copa America, renowned analyst, Carlos Antonio VelezWin promised in his 'Planeta Fútbol' project about sports that he feels he loves ten people, leaves behind his bad experiences at clubs and continues as the leader of Colombia.

“J.Understanding his experiences in the AIIMS clubs, he sees the leader he is today, a partner to all, a hero who sacrifices, charms and falls in love. cI said on the airI love it”Vélez's praise for the captain.

He did not feel harmony after classification

However, Carlos Antonio Velez continues to analyze the game and feels that he still has a long way to go because facing lighter teams like Paraguay or Costa Rica does not measure his true level, so he looks forward to direct elimination fights. He heard the inconsistency.

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“Another song game from the Colombian national team. It makes everything easier. It is true that there was a little before. These are not competitors who measure a team with aspirations. Uruguay and Colombia ride unhurriedly. They must measure themselves or be measured by Argentina. I didn't say Brazil until it started. The rest is just paperwork,” he said.

And, he added: “Sanchez is phenomenal, Córdoba is a truck, 'Lucho' opened the can and James, in his new version, is a total leader. We are moving forward”.


For now, the Colombia Copa will prepare one of America's most complicated matches against Brazil on July 2, and while it may not be the best version, it's still a litmus test.

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