Real Spain sends marathon to qualify for Grand Final!

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The engine goes to the title! The Royal Spain They drew 1-1 against the marathon and qualified 3-1 overall. The Grand Final of the finals 2022 Of Honduran National League.

The Arinekro box did not face any problems in the series against the foreigners. Tied 2-0 in the first leg At the Olympic Stadium last Wednesday He was only in charge of securing the ticket at Morason this Saturday night.

Don Hector Vargas, who captured the reigns of Real España in last place, today has fans dreaming of the 13th title in the history of the professorial team. They are very fond of what they have been doing for the last few months.

Royalty repeats itself at this event, as it did with the previous championship Mexican Raul “Potro” Guttierez and was at the start of 2021, The Champetronos will close at home for completing the regular rounds first.

They will be looking for their fifth championship in the national league since their previous win in the “El Lyon de Formosa” case. Three titles with Olympia and one with marathon, The club he left was fired.

Goodbye to the greens in an irregular match he reached in Clausura 2022 At the end of the regular rounds, “Tato” replaces Garcia with Manuel Kiyosian.

Real Espana’s rival Olympia vs. Motacua will face off in the Grand Final, facing each other at 5:00 this Sunday evening and in the first leg they were tied 1-1.


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From the initial whistle the machine turned to attack and in the first leg it was filled with confidence, trying to bury the Greens’ dream again.

Eight minutes later, fast bowler Carlos Bernadette slid the ball past Kevin Alvarez’s center and had the opportunity to replace Denovan Torres, who in this case went over the goal deflected by Luis Ordis.

Greens responded at 11 and Jose Aguilera’s left footed shot went wide.

In the 15th minute, the local team wasted another chance, this time he stole the ball from Carlos Mejia from central defender Brian Molina and he could not define it correctly in the head-up game.

At 19 minutes, the machine was in charge of opening the score, once it was high Junior Lago scored the first goal in the first leg.

As Mayerquin lost the ball, late side Franklin Floors won the toss to take out a center closed by Lago. With their rivals now occupying four goals, their excitement and serenity were evident.

At the end of the first half, Real Espana was clearly higher than the marathon, and in 42 they lost one-on-one to Carlos Bernardes against Luis Ortiz.


At the start of the second half Odin Ramos, Luis Carrido and Edwin Solani moved the Manuel Kiosion board with chances.

The machine was able to score a new goal in the first minute of filling. Kevin Alvarez made a cross, and Benavidas scored twice without guessing, which was deflected over to Brian Perios.

Purslane, wounded in their self-esteem, scored after Edwin Solani fell to Franklin Flores in the pursuit of a draw, and federal referee Oscar Moncada did not hesitate to allow a penalty.

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Argentina striker Lucas Campana was responsible for defrauding goalkeeper Pupa Lopez and not moving 1-1.

In this way, Real Espana has sealed its pass to the Grand Final with many qualifications and this Clausura is an excellent candidate to achieve the long-awaited title in 2022.

Starting rows:

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Carlos Mejia (Omar Rosas 62 ‘), Devron Garcia, Ketzel Montes, Frocklin Florus, Maron Flores (Irell Saravia 60’), Joe Benavides, Kevin Alvarez, Gerson Chavez, Carlos and others.

Marathon: Luis Ortiz, Jose Aguilera (Odin Ramos 46 ‘), Allan Vargas, Brian Barrios (Victor Berrios 78’), Brian Bernardes, Luis Vega, Rainieri Mayerquin, Isaac Castillo (Luis Carrie 46 ‘) Campana and Juan Vieira (Edwin Solani 46 ‘).

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