Real Spain have been sent off three times against Real Sociedad and are allowed to come back at the end of the match.


As rarely happens, The Royal Spain He was the protagonist of a tragic match in Togowa ‘In-depth’ defeat against Real Sociedad (2-1)He suffered three dismissals.

Everything was going well with the team. Hector VargasSince they started by winning the match with one goal at the Francisco Martínez de Togo Stadium Joe Benavides In just 2 minutes.

Everything changed when Chile’s Ronny Martinez chipped in to level and chip away at the daredevils heading to victory. This caused a problem machineAnd the first parallel sequence occurred in 74′ Marron FloresAfter a hard mistake Thinner. He was already in yellow, however it was shown as a direct red.

If the situation was already difficult for the Aurinegros, everything got worse Alexander Reyes When the clock was at 87′ he lost his head suggesting an elbow to the opponent’s face. He entered the 58′ and left Sampedranos with 9 components almost half an hour later.

The players Real Spain They went to the central arbiter Luis MejiaIt affected the game again in the final, with a penalty foul pointing in favor of Real Sociedad in extra time.

The match was extended to 90+7′ due to earlier claims. That was when he whistled a dubious maximum penalty for slightly displacing Exxon Arzuo to Oilman Clifford Bernadettes.

Angry complaints from the crowd didn’t wait, goalkeeper Luis “Buba” Lopez was very upset as his taunts resulted in his second caution, hence another sending off.

Right back, Kevin Alvarez, gloves up to face shot from 11 yards; He goes to cover it, but a Franco Kite missile burns his hands.

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– This happens eight years later

The last time the National League saw something like this was in Real Espana’s memorable 6-1 win over Marathon at the Yankel Rosenthal on March 22, 2014.

There, central defender Armando Castro sent off four players: three from Monster, namely Mauricio Sabillon, Alfredo Mejia and Aster Henciguez, and Mario Martínez de la Maquina.

During the humiliating blow to the filler, the Greens lost two more players to stomach injuries. (6) The match ended as the local players did not have enough players.

Other Data: Last time Royal Spain A similar amount was discharged on June 10, 2000. And in a classic Sampedrano.

The Greens won 2-0 at the Morazan Stadium, which saw Hector Gutierrez, David Garcamo, Carlos Oliva and Ricky Garcia score. Referee Oscar Rene Tarcios also sent off Luis Santamaria and Argentine Carlos Gonzalez from the Esmeraldas.

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