Real Spain equals against Marathon and jeopardizes its leadership in the Northern Regional team – Dice

Real Spain Sampetrano failed in the derby and was able to deliver a draw (2-2) Marathon He was thinking about him Completion -2021. The professors forgave the green team, and in the end there were no winners.

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Although the Aurinecro team won by one point, the leadership of the tournament is in danger, yes, the red CDS Life They must fall in their determination The real community This Sunday.

It’s an electric game to start from start to finish, and nonetheless Real Spain He was the most forgiving, meeting both, yes, on a lucky night of the Spanish guard Ketzel Montes, Scored an own goal and made a penalty. Forget …

Carlo Castle scored again against Real Spain. Clausura scored four goals in 2021. Photo: Neptune Romero.

Real Spain It started by winning the competition with the precious goal of Ramiro Rocca, But not before seconds Joe Benavides After a free kick he bounced a ball to the right. Argentina defined first to master pass Mario Martinez; Giganton beat the back of a weak Purslane side and with a crack definition he made it 1-0 in 11-0 minutes.

Then there was the marathon tie at 18 but Kevin Hoyos That’s not good. He had a ball in front of the frame, but he sent it to a ball, but the compulsion paid off. At the age of 20, Hoyos sent a center to the area, but Ketzel Montes He had misfortune aside; He embed the ball towards his goal.

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Al 33 Mario Martinez He sent a ball to the crossbar and again ended the first half with a free kick. It was in the filling phase Marathon He took advantage after a penalty awarded for a goal based on merit Carlo Castley. By 76 the contest was in favor of the monster.

Omar Rosas scored his first goal for Real Espana in Homer. Photo: Neptune Romero.

However at 81 Omar Rosas He created a beautiful play that was taken to the ground, he himself led first, tying the firm figures on the scoreboard 2-2, which was not enough for him. Real Spain, Because even if he adds a unit, he compromises against the reds of his leadership CDS Life.

The actual ESPAÑA card is a 2-2 marathon

(Game of the Ninth Day of Honduras National League Clausura-2021)

The real Spanish lineup: Louis Lopez; Wisdom Quay, Ketzel Montes, Allan Vargas, Franklin Flores; Devron Garcia, Michael Garcia (Season Magia 69 ‘), Mario Martinez, Joe Benades; Omar Rosas and Ramiro Rocca.

Goals: Ramiro Rocca (11 ‘), Omar Rosas (81’).

Replace: Jose Garcia, Arnold Barona, Mogul Ortega, Samuel Gomez, Gerson Chavez, Jr. Garcia, Miguel Carrasco, Henri Sanchez, Patrick Palacios, Jorge Castrillo, Jason Magia.

Yellow cards: Michael Garcia, Wisdom Quay.

Red cards: Not there.

Marathon sequence: Denovan Torres; Adrian Ramரres, Carlos Pertomo, Carlos Garcia, John Paul Chuvaso; Luis Carrido, Emilio Isaguerre, Wilmer Crisando (Marlon Ramres 65 ‘), Edwin Solano (Ryden Palermo 88’); Brian Castillo (Michael Santos 83 ‘) and Kevin Hoyos (Carlo Castle 65’).

Replace: Luis Artes, Giorgis Mayon, Jeffrey Miranda, Luis Vega, Moises Motino, Freelis Lopez, Ryden Palermo, Jose Lobo, McCall Santos, Marlon Ramores, Carlo Castile.

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Goals: Ketzel Montes (own goal) (20 ‘), Carlo Castley (76’).

Yellow cards: Wilmer Chrisando, Emilio Isaguerre, Carlos Pertomo.

Red Cards: None.

Referee: Hector Rodriguez.

Stadium: Morasan, San Pedro Sula.

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