Real Madrid beat Cadiz del Sogo Lozano in Spanish league, double from Benzema – ten

Real Madrid made no preference for Cadiz (3-0) in the 31st round of the league this Wednesday and have been temporarily placed as head of the championship, with points similar to Atletico de Madrid, hosting Husca on Thursday.

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Zinedine Zidane’s striker Karim Benzema shone on the Ginadin team: the Frenchman scored a double (30, and 40 from a penalty) and gave Alvaro Otriosola a goal in the 33rd minute.

The best since returning from injury in March, ‘KP9’ has scored ten goals in all of his last ten matches. With this 88th goal pass in the league, Benzema became Real Madrid’s best selector of the 21st century, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 87 passes.

With 21 league goals, FC Barcelona’s Argentine star Leo Messi (23 goals) leads the competition for the Benzema ‘Picci’ Cup.

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A few hours earlier, Sevilla had conceded all three points to Lewandowski with a solo goal from Moroccan Youssef N-Nesiri (53), who tentatively conceded on the La Liga podium.

Sevilla have 67 points, two (4th) than Barcelona, ​​hosting Getafe (15th) on Thursday.

But above all, this victory allows the team coached by Julen Lopetegui to continue their struggle for the league title, with only three points behind the leaders, Atletico de Madrid, Thursday host Husca (18th) and Real Madrid.

As with the title fight, the fight to avoid being evicted is fierce. Alvas (16th) defeated Villarreal (6th) 2-1 to take three key points.

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Elch (19) and Valladolid (17th) shared the points after a four-minute (1-1) draw with Uruguay defender Lucas Olasa Valladolid.

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Elsay has 27 points, one less than its rival on Wednesday.

The Athletes’ Club (10th) increased their success as they failed to cross a goalless draw at Seville against Real Betis (5th), who played less than 80 minutes with a man due to the dismissal of Frenchman Naples Fekir.

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90 + 2 ‘Finished: Real Madrid get three key points at the home of Cadiz, the win was doubled by Benzema and 0-3 by Otriosola. With their win, Zidane’s team has reached 70 points and is asleep as the leader this Wednesday.

85 ‘ Real Madrid will sleep as a leader tonight in the Spanish league. The white team scored 70 points in Spain’s table.

80 ‘ More than the game decided, Madrid is playing very comfortably, very easily.

75 ‘ Mariano missed a clear opportunity after removing Ledesma, and what kept him ahead was he was offside.

73 ‘ Choco Lozano rebicó Another scam, now from Benzema. Free kick to Cadiz.

67 ‘ Marcelo Sogo goes to Lozano and picks up the yellow card, the Brazilian enters Honduran from behind.

65 ‘ C கோடிdiz tries to sign a discount, but Real Madrid blocks it.

61 ‘ Three changes in Madrid. Carvajal, Asencio and Isco enter. Otriosola, Warren and Vinicius leave.

58 & # 39; Soko Lozano failed! Honduran was alone, and could not finish his title well, the Cadiz striker was without a mark and was able to establish a discount.

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57 ‘ Some dangerous plays in this second half, no clear goal play now.

52 ‘ Benzema searches for his triple, and as a result Madrid knows he has it in his hand and takes care of it.

50 ‘ Soko Lozano tries to face Real Madrid players, Honduran wants to mark Blago again.

47 ‘ For hitting Nacho yellow, Saponjik as soon as he started.

46 ‘ On the field are Saponjic, Soko Lozano, Gala and Agabo, Isa, Jose Mari, Negredo and Salvi. Four changes in the caddy.

45 + 1 ‘First Time End: Real Madrid defeat Comis del Sogo Lozano in Ramon de Corranza.

44 ‘ Real Madrid took advantage of the chances given by Cody, who scored three goals in 12 minutes, two from Benzema.

Real Madrid’s 40 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Kareem Benzema was released and scored his double in the match. The white team insults Cadiz.

36 & # 39; Madrid takes the ball, which now lives in the Cadiz field near the Letisma area.

Real Madrid’s 33 & # 39;

29 ‘Real Madrid’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Karim Benzema passes Ledesma and leads the white team to beat Cadiz. 26 goals and seven assists for the Frenchman this season.

28 ‘ Issa is yellow for a mistake on Vinicius and now has a chance to advance on the Madrid scoreboard. Benzema is going to kick.

27 ‘ The referee goes to the VAR for a mistake in Vinicius within the area. The judge reviews it.

22 ‘ Yellow to Varane to block the service of Letesma holding the ball high in the corner.

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20 ‘ At Raman de Corranza we continue 0-0, with Cadiz and Real Madrid not hurting each other.

17 ‘ There is very little going on in the game, Real Madrid want to attack, but Cadiz is fine, leaving no gaps.

13 ‘ The center of Marcelo, where Milito could not lead. The play came after a foul on Vinicius’ wing.

11 ‘ Zero shot, catch Cordois. Again, Negredo used his body to step in and hold the ball.

9 ‘ Little by little Real Madrid takes the ball in the game and the Merrings will be hard to get there.

6 ‘ There is a significant shortage of football in Madrid today because they do not have touch midfielders like Motric, Cruz or Isco.

3‘Cadiz warned Johnson that midfielder Cortois took a wide open shot from the target.

2 ‘ C கோடிdiz pushes Real Madrid’s exit too hard, with Blanco already making the first shot of the game.

Start the game! C கோடிdiz and Real Madrid are already playing for the Spanish league.


Cadiz: Ledesma; Isa, Foley, Muro, Espino; Jose Marie, Johnson; Salvi, nephew, Zyro and Negredo. Soko Lozano will be an alternative.

Real Madrid: Cordois; Otriosola, Militavo, Warren, Nacho, Marcelo; Cosmiro, Blanco; Rodrigo, Benzema and Vinicius.

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