“Real Espana's first round, not this one”


Technician Miguel Falero Win believes that lack of strength is the key to his failure Real Spain vs Olympia (3-1)He insisted that his players' commitment was not enough to pick up a point from date 14 of the Clausura 2024.

Uruguay's coach feels that the poor image they showed in the lion's den does not define the club's potential, because despite playing with one man down for an hour, it was the apathy of their players that caused them to do so. Don't take advantage of numerical superiority.

National league standings: Olimpia unopposed in Honduras and top spot in Clausura 2024

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What do you think needs to be improved at Real España?

Strength. I think so Olympia He was strong when he stepped into the contested area, and he was also strong when he had to defend in his own area. Although there were passages where we handled the ball, it was better when Olympia came into our area.

Did you see the dedication in your players today?

Obviously that's not enough. Not being able to be happy with the result or having a better performance to beat the competitor, those two things make me unhappy. I saw more commitment than in previous games, but things like losing the ball at the start keep happening to us, in the third goal of Olympia we lost the ball three times, first it was on the side and to the same person. Losing the ball is missing the mark in the area. Unless we fix it, we know that we're a cheap, underage team, and that's indicative of a lack of friction and mischief. At key moments, Olimpia controlled the game and were strong in the area, so the result was fair, maybe it shouldn't have been so wide, but it was fair.

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Is this the reality of Real Spain?

I think there is more. I think Real Espana are in the first round, that's why I don't give up, I stress to my players during the week the things they have already done, I don't ask them things they can't. Do. But I'll say it again, but a series of situations happen at the same time and at some point we lose a game we could have won, we didn't play badly.

If you don't take advantage of the relegation, all the games are uneven, then the work and the fall comes… I think we only played 30 minutes in the second half. Another thing, the referee (Armando Castro) took a moment to take the card and said to me from midfield that he was disrespectful… that's all. What he told me was that we were between him and me, it was between him and me, but it was disrespectful because I wouldn't say anything like that to him.

If you still stay with someone in professional soccer, that difference will benefit you. How much responsibility do you hold for this failure?

I agree very much, the sum is very simple, even if you stay with 10 players and all 10 runs, I have 11 players and two standing still and not scoring aggressively, you lose men. So as much as they don't know how to read the game, the responsibility is entirely mine, because if they don't it's for a reason, either they don't understand or they don't know, and that's my fault. The responsibility for the failure is mine.

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