RD hires Ifima to build the conference center

President Abhinav announced that the government would build Conference Center And exhibitions In Santo Domingo with support Reserve Bank.

For this, he said he was hired Madrid Trade Fair Association (Ifema), The organization that organizes the International Tourism Exhibition (Feature), As well as other exhibitions and conferences in Madrid

That Ifima Group Hired by the team Prohibition Assignments, With technical advice from the Ministry of Tourism (Youth), To carry out architectural design and feasibility studies, to implement the project already underway, the President said.

He said that for more than two months, the Banaraservas Group has been working with Mitur Technology to launch the project with the support of a much healthier financial structure.

The President stressed that this place does not exist in the country One of the weaknesses cited by hotel owners is that more occupations are created in hotel rooms.

Stock Prohibition Assignments In the growth and development of the country

During the cocktail party held Prohibition Assignments At a hotel in Madrid, President Abinader highlighted the importance of the state-owned bank in implementing the government’s social policies and the growth of the country’s economy, which demonstrates its strong support for tourism, SMEs and others. Other manufacturing sectors that create employment.

“The Reserve Bank is a key implementing body of government policy that we have developed to support the most needy people in the Dominican Republic; the elderly, mothers and low-income family heads.”, Under control.

President Louis Abinader, who presided over the ceremony, said the Dominican economy is stable due to the growth of various sectors. He said economic growth is expected to be more than 12%. It is “produced, among other things, with the firm support of the Dominican banking system Prohibition Assignments To the productive sectors that create employment ”.

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Prohibition Assignments Will fund US $ 250 million

Meanwhile, the general manager Prohibition Assignments, Samuel Pereira explained that the banking company expects to receive more than $ 250 million in funding this year for projects that will determine investments of more than $ 500 million in countries such as Puerto Plata, Corporate, Santiago, Zaragoza, Montecristi and Nagoya. Samana, Michese, Punta Ghana and Santo Domingo.

“Last year at Fitur, it was a great boost to the current event. We captured an investment of 1,148 million for the upgrade and renovation of hotels. As of today, this time the results are all the better,” Pereira said, which caught the attention of dozens of hotels.

Pereira used the opportunity to support Prohibition Assignments Pedernales will contribute to the development of the tourist pole, as well as the entire southern region, as it will create more than 60,000 jobs in the area due to the construction of an airport and more than 10,000 rooms in various hotel complexes.

He also revealed another important project Prohibition Assignments Support, due to its importance in the northern part of the country, it is located in the province of Puerto Plata, especially in the Montellano division.

According to Pereira, these initiatives by Banco de Reserve, along with the Ministry of Tourism, are promoting the development of an area that is one of the priorities of the Dominican government because it is the nation’s main source of income.

He argued that the presence of the State Bank in Fitzgerald favors the Ministry of Tourism in attracting foreign investment to projects in this sector in the Dominican Republic.

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