Norma Palafox makes an impact in a dark bikini | Photograph

Noma Palafox, Reality show winner exathlon Sport shows great discipline to show an enviable figure, because this time he took advantage of being at sea. Stunning and toned body Thanks to his discipline he has achieved and of course great effort is shown by wearing it.

It seems that the champion is on the right track, because being a football player he established himself as one. Favorite Influencers On social networks, more than one person has been shocked by the photos she has shared through her Instagram account, and this time is no exception.

Player Atlas She shared a picture of herself posing with a view of the ocean and wearing a Tiny bikini It makes her beautiful figure stand out and even though the photo was uploaded in black and white, some publications show the swimsuit in yellow and the top in yellow.


“All You Need Is Love”She wrote next to the post that within an hour she crossed 70 thousand likes and generated dozens of reactions from her followers, who did not stop showering her with compliments.

“Sulisma forever”.

“Palafox perfection”.

“Wow, you’re so beautiful.”

Dazzling on a luxury yacht

A few days ago, she shared a video of herself in the same bikini walking on a luxury yacht as the sun set and gave way to the stars. Actually one Dream postcard Presented to us by Norma Palafox.

To make the moment unforgettable, Norma and her family and friends listened to one of Bad Bunny’s most recent hits, “Ojitos Lindos,” which was also performed by the Colombians, “Bamba Estereo.” Is Norma Palafox closing cycles and shaping up for an already incredible 2023?

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