Raydas confirmed that COVID-19 had exploded inside his premises

After becoming champion of Liga MX Femenil, Rayadas de Monterrey confirmed multiple infections of Kovit-19 disease (Photo: Twitter / @ Raya2cm)

After Greta Mexico broke the predictions that Abertora would position the team as the champion of 2021 at Tigress Femenil, Rayadas de Monterrey confirmed the bad news. Through their official social networks, the team is led Eva Mirror Published by a Multiple infections of SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the number of people tested positive for COVID-19 was not mentioned.

The @Rayadas team made the announcement in a statement on their verified Twitter account “Today, Friday, December 24, positive cases of COVID-19 were detected in female soldiers. Our Technical Director and other members of the Rayadas training staff. Players and other members who were positive were isolated and under medical supervision.

Despite warnings about their recent activity with the Amazon at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), they made it clear. Before the meeting, they followed the prescribed health requirements By health officials and the league.

Rayadas de Monterrey contacted the news through their social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ Rayadas)
Rayadas de Monterrey contacted the news through their social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ Rayadas)

“Before the women’s final, all athletes and coaching staff strictly followed the Liga MX health protocol. This indicates the effectiveness of the Govit-19 tests and in all cases they had negative results. We reiterate to the club members, our fans and the community the importance of following the instructions of health officials in the fight against infection, ”they concluded.

To avoid such situations during the 2022 Glasura competition, fans and team members, Mexican football officials have agreed to redouble their efforts to comply with health regulations. In this sense, the chairman of Liga MX, Michael Ariola Benolosa, along with the epidemiological team of the company, announced. New rules For knowledge of clubs, sports directors and medical organizations.

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– Every player who joins their team, definitely after their vacation Perform a PCR test before returning to your activities.

Under the command of Eva Espezo, Raydas won their second star (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE)
Under the command of Eva Espezo, Raydas won their second star (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE)

– The time between tests will be reduced Will be done 10 to 7 days and 72 hours before Of each party. Planning will be the responsibility of Liga MX.

– If 7 to 10 players in a club are registered in the category with positive cases, Your appointment may be rescheduled for the same day. Only if there is a team in question can a match be relegated to another round 10 or more players with a positive diagnosis of Govit-19.

– Measures established by health authorities to combat the disease will prevail at all times. The use of masks is mandatory, as well as instruction to avoid crowds and maintain a healthy distance between people, Use of antibacterial gel and sanitizers.

– Have local authorities Power to define capacity allowed for playgrounds, Location for football teams, according to statistics from each company.

After 90 minutes Neither team was able to win on the scoreboard And the packed University Stadium and the official Tigres Femenil define everything through a penalty shoot-out in front of more than 103,000 spectators following the game’s activities through social networks.

Archer Alexandria Codynes rose to the top of the Grand Final By suspending two sentences. On the second attempt the cat took the ball out from the top right corner He deflected the shot towards the post. He then stopped the third shot with a superb save in the center of the goal. In the Tigers’ last attempt Pitcher sent the ball to the left post.

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