The Financing Law of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System has the objective of “establishing the progressive and sustained increase of the national budget for science and technology until reaching, in the year 2032, at least, an annual participation of 1 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ”, they explained from Daniel Filmus’ portfolio.

The increases will be used “to promote the federalization of the scientific-technological system, develop the productive matrix, generate quality jobs, make visible technological scientific advances, promote training, increase infrastructure and equipment, generate incentives for private sector investment, promote the participation of women and the LGTBIQ + population, prioritize research and contribute to the development of the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation ”.

To guarantee the increase in resources, investment will grow annually according to the following minimum percentages, reported from the Ministry: 0.31% in 2022; 0.34% in 2023; 0.39% in 2024; 0.45% in 2025; 0.52% in 2026; 0.59% in 2027; 0.68% in 2028; 0.78% in 2029; 0.90% in 2030; 0.95% in 2031; 1% in 2032.

The allocation of resources for science and technology in the national budget will never be less, in absolute terms, than the budget of the previous year.

Regarding the distribution of funds, it was explained that it will be “with federal criteria, based on the articulation with the Federal Council of Science and Technology (COFECyT)”. Telam

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