Rauw Alejandro activity in Cayo Icacos is cancelled

A boat ride called by urban artist Rao Alejandro for this Sunday in Icacos Key has been canceled today, the artist announced via social networks.

The artist unveiled his surprise treat last Friday, promising to show the world the beauty of the place and protect the natural space.

However, on the recommendation of DNER, the operation was suspended due to the large number of people expected.

“Due to the crowd asking to go to Igakos Island, after my story yesterday, wanting to spend a day at the beach with you, my fans who have the support of DNER and the monitoring system, this can get out of my control and I don’t want to avoid it. For me, you and the environment are more valuable than anything,” the urban artist wrote on his Instagram social network.

News from Rauw Alejandro announcing the cancellation of the event at Icacos. (networks)

The secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Anas Rodríguez Vega, confirmed that although they were aware of the event and coordinated with the company and the security guard, it had to be canceled due to the number. People who expressed interest in going to the main event.

“Rauw Alejandro’s team shows interest in learning about the laws and regulations applicable to these types of initiatives with the DNER and the Security Guard Corps and implementing them in full compliance. However, it is clear that this initiative will require more planning and organization for the artist’s fame, because, as we have seen on social networks, tomorrow The attendance at Icacos would have been more than anyone expected, highlighted the official in written statements.

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“For this reason, I have contacted his team to postpone the effort until a plan is established to guarantee the regulation, in accordance with the environment and natural resources, until the corresponding evaluations are done,” Rodríguez Vega added, thanking the artist. For accepting his recommendation to “put our environment and Puerto Rico first.”

A future date for the event, if any, was not immediately announced.

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