Raul Gudino: Do ​​you want to leave Sivas after Antonio Rodriguez’s best gift? | MX League

The Deportivo Guadalajara On his arrival in Monterrey he had a great success: Defeated Riotos 1-2 in a match related to Day 12 Guardians Tournament 2021 From Liga M.X. Y He is excited to qualify for Liquila. If we do an easy and quick analysis, the result can be thankful Goals from Isaac Priscilla Y Alexis Vega, But exclusion is unreasonable Antonio Rodriguez Statistics.

Dono He showed again that he was on a great level With some important savings, it seems that this has already been done Defended the right to the big party. Victor Manuel Vusetich Has been completely discounted Raul Gudino, Who did not have a good time, now has to fight from behind to get the chance again. The replacement goalkeeper celebrates today: he turns 25 years old.

What should Raul Gudino do?

Already a goalkeeper He’s an age where he has to be the title and the protagonist, He has no holy flock at present and will not be under the command of King Midas in the future. One of the possibilities offered to him was to get out again on a loan allocation to a group where he could have more minutes, Thus returning to the highest level as the owner of Guadalajara.

Raul Gudino borrowed from Sivas to Porto B in August 2014 with the intention of being able to play more. It was great that he went through the dragons and a year later they decided to buy his token. After a while, C.F. After borrowing from Unio Madira and APOEL FC, he returned to Cambionasimo with his pass in hand. He has been defending the colors of Rojiblancos since July 2018, although he has only played in 62 games.

Raul Gudino may leave Sivas in June (Imago 7)

Shivas Board Gudino renewed his contract at the end of February this year: He has signed a multi-year bond, so his salary feelings will increase, and he has subdivisions by the minute. According to W Deportes, Annually, 000 went from earning 300,000 to 1 million. This happened when he was an undeniable starter, but he was not performing well and he gave his position to Dono Rodriguez. What will Gudino and the club decide in June?

Gudino wants to go to Qatar 2022

“Each has a level with different characteristics, but that’s what I have to do Put everything on my side, improve my qualities or improve my flaws or whatever I have to go there., He admitted in an interview a month ago. It is clear that he will not achieve it as there is an alternative in Sivas …

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