Raul Gudiño breaks off talks with Sivas; There will be no renewal

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The future Raul Gudino In the world of football it will be out there SivasBecause the goalkeeper and his people have broken off negotiations with the Rojiblanca team and everything has been on it since June Can negotiate With another club.

Talks between the goalkeeper Sivas The breakup was over, and Gudino would no longer sign with him GuadalajaraThe merger ends in December, so the tall goalkeeper could start negotiations at other ends in June.

A குடினோ He did not like the way he was treated SivasHe lost the rights due to lack of signatures, and although there were many in the process of renewal, he was the only one. “Punished“.

குடினோHe had already promised in an interview with MediTympo I was looking to updateBut there were other companies in his search.

A source close to halfway through promised MX League, Ml And even Europe Follows him. Step, so his future does not worry about him because he knows he will find the equipment.

In addition குடினோ, Sivas Renewal pending Alexis Vega, Isaac PriscillaHiram Myer, Jesus Sanchez.

Because things get complicated for the board குடினோ He left and Alexis Then keep looking Scratched He had been watching the attacker for months.

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