Ramiro Rocca criticized Mottagua for ‘shooting’ for his permission: “If I had another shirt it would be less”

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Shocked Ramiro Rocca responded after learning of the harsh punishment used by the National Disciplinary Commission against him for celebrating his goal in the grand final of the Glasura 2022 against Modagua.

Real Spain’s Argentina striker He was suspended for six games and fined 20,000 lambs.. Rocca clarifies to whom he dedicated the celebration by touching his genitals 2-0 at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

“It was a little surprising because I’m not gesturing to the Mottagua fans, it’s the same gesture I made to my relatives on the stand (due to injury) after the worst moment that happened. When I was first fired for committing an act, it never happened to me and I did not expect anything like this, ”Rocca said in a statement. ‘Sports Vision’ from 45 TVLed by journalist Manfredo Reyes.

He noted, “Many people never knew what I was feeling at the time or what a football player was feeling. That’s it, thousands of people after missing a penalty, the world collided with us, 15 minutes later we were 2-0, I scored, which is indescribable.

Rocca admitted to losing his documents during the celebration. “Yes, I made a mistake in the gesture I made, but I did not do it to Mottagua fans, especially to anyone. There were my cousins, I looked at them and identified, but without touching anything, it took 2 seconds at one point, but with no intention of charging anyone.

The South American recalled the controversial celebration of Evan Lopez scoring 3-0 in the first leg of the final at the Nationals. “For example, when Mottagua’s ‘Sino’ scored, he went to the Real Espana substitute bench, gestured down, put his hands on his ears, they gave him a yellow card, and they kicked him out. The shirt, otherwise it would be yellow, I have no other permission.The referee advises me and I tell him that I am making a gesture to my family and at no time is it disrespectful to anyone.

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Criticizes Motagua for wasting time

The 33-year-old footballer did not discuss the issue with the club. “I have not yet spoken to anyone from Real Espana, and I think they should take action on this matter, because I have received thousands of videos of other players doing the same thing. It’s two dates or one date (penalized). Shot.

Ramiro believes the punishment is too much, “I did this to my family who were there because I did not gesture to the Mottagua fans, it was awful, yes, it was so bad because you know what I caught, but without. The thought of insulting someone, I lost my head at one point, due to the situation we went through, it could lead to a 2-0 comeback, we were out in the second half, 15 minutes no one talked about 50 played, something I had never seen in a football game.

The South American attacked against Motagua. “They came to play a brilliant game, but then you have to analyze, someone complains about Honduras, but if the mainstays are football players and do it on the field, it can not be, we do not know what we played in the second half, we stopped the whole game. One player was wrong If allowed to celebrate, but the referees, I do not criticize them, they should see a little more, because then in Honduran football they blame the players, it is not so. Motagua won well and they played ”.

He admitted that it was hard to sleep that night Penalty for losing in the Grand Final, In which Real Spain lost the title. “These are the circumstances of the game, you do not know, maybe I could have scored (from the penalty) then we did not score another, but I was able to change the situation, I scored another goal, we went half time. The win was 2-0”.

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He criticized Ciclon Azul’s game: “In the second half, practically no football was played, we could do nothing but wait because when the game started they all fell to the ground, but it’s unforgivable, they played a brilliant game. We try to play on all the courts. Look at the things that happen, they take me to Lycra in Tegucigalpa, I came from injury, Lycra which is doctor recommended, no one checks you, and then when they come here to play in San Pedro Sula, the referee enters the dressing room to review.They are the things that are spinning in your head, they are Strange things.

Rocca commented on the situation of enjoying national football with the Honduras national team, adding, “Honduras has some of the best footballers in the world, the Honduran player is one of the best in Central America. , Because I have the best players, I have the team players, the best and the best players abroad, they have cracks.It also happens in Argentina, they criticize Messi, they are not going to criticize us.

Talk about your future

Rocca has six months left on the contract and has no direct approach to talk about his renewal. Top scorer with 23 goals in the last two matches of the Argentine National League: 12 in Aberdera and 11 in Clasura 2021-2002.

“I have a deal until December, yes there was a talk with Real Spain, but nothing definite yet. If this is possible, I’m very happy to be here. We will try to remove the thorn, ”he said.

He also announced the permission of the Arinekro Club to play six games outside the San Pedro Sula due to disturbances by its fans at the Olympic Stadium during the second round of the final and behind closed doors.

“We have actions that are not in our hands, they are the most subtle moments that have taken place there. We are already fighting from below, lining up, continuing to work, doing better, we need a little more of the latter, wherever we play, we will always try to be heroes.

Finally, Rocca noted that Hector Vargas came on the bench to replace Mexican Raul ‘Potro’ Guttierez. A nice change for the professors who have achieved 11 consecutive wins.

“We were in a tough moment because Motagua was there too, and above all the mood. Professor Hector came in. He knew the league very well, he was very smart, he won 11 games in a row was not a coincidence, he gave us an incredible mood, he knew the league a lot, he was in every detail .He gave us a lot of peace of mind, gave us the confidence we needed, and we were very close.

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