Rafael Radi presented to Parliament 16 “urgent measures” to promote science

The National Academy of Sciences (ANC) This Thursday presented to Parliament a series of “urgent action” From the budget point of view that can strengthen the sector in the framework responsible.

Raphael Rady, President of the African National Congress and former member of the Honorary Scientific Advisory Group (GACH) Who advised the government during the pandemic, He appeared before the Senate Committee on Science, Innovation, and Technology.

The document you based your Radi presentation on that you can access observerLifts 16 measures to support and develop science and technology which are inThe critical situation of scarce national resources“.

those 16 posts divided into Three dimensions: strengthening the main tools to support the scientific system served by the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII)And the the new Initiatives and the Support harmonic performance of the system.

Strengthening tools to support the scientific system

According to the document, in this dimension is Need to refresh the incentive The National Scholar’s System (SIN) in real terms for 2009 is now at 42% of that year’s value.

Second, it refers to Clemente Estable and María Viñas . Fund Promotion. It is given as an example The projects are for 3 yearswith contributions within 40 thousand US dollars a yearincrease the proportion Funding is for all outstanding, and represents approximately 50% of the total offered. At the same time, Make annual calls.

Also wanted Significantly enhance the advocacy of advanced, advanced and advanced equipment, and implement it annually.

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Fifth, ask Expansion of the national scholarship system, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral While a sixth element talks about Strengthening the budget for scientific postgraduate programsfor example, is Basic Science Development Program (Pedeciba).

New initiatives

In this sense, it has been suggested Building a Research Career To maintain the growth of the system and support research, development and innovation in state institutions and public and private companies. At the same time, He is urged to structure a program for returning scholars.

It also reports the need to Create funds for advanced projects (Senior researchers with significant international influence). in this line, Five-year projects worth $120,000 annually.

On the other hand, it promotes Support the establishment of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional “Advanced Research Centers of Excellence”Pursuit Promote expression of issues of national interest and production chains. Also, support Develop new technology platforms and initiatives.

Support for historical operation of the system

called for Supporting universities and research institutions Through infrastructure projects and highly allocated positions. Also deepen and expand Extensive access to scientific literatureBased on TIMBO EXPANSION, ANII project that seeks Facilitate access to undergraduate degree study materials.

Also highlighted the need to Deepen and expand mobility and exchange programs, support the organization of national, regional and international scientific events s Expanding international cooperation with resources for Strengthening agreements and cooperation projects at the regional and international levels.

The 16 actions to support the system It will promote the development of quality human capital and research infrastructure who – which It will decisively contribute to the creation of original knowledge with a global impact, to the development of the higher and higher education system, and will facilitate the introduction and strengthening of research capacity and scientific advice in state institutions, technology transfer and the development of innovations in this sector public and private levelthrough Develop existing programs and others to be created,” concludes the document presented by the ANC.

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