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The footballer left Barcelona Gerard Pique continues to be the subject of the media with Colombian singer ShakiraThose appointed to investigate the details of what actually happened.

It has been reported that the Central Defender will be unleashed for some time in the night rampage. Together with his best friends and many women, he spends a lot of money.

Last Wednesday, the footballer flew to Stockholm for an event at his company Cosmos, according to the ‘Mamarasis’ report by El Periodico, Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa. With a mysterious blondeOnly one photo was found but no information.

Shakira’s ‘Dusa’

Shakira and PQ confirmed the split.

Well, the world press follows in the footsteps of the protagonists of this novel. This time it was time for that Shakira, who is already caught up in films going around the world.

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ spreads some unpublished photos of the Colombian and promises that the artist “looks done”.

In these pictures they mention the look they were able to capture from Shakira, His face was dull and apparently sad.

In the photos, Shakira drives her car to her home in Barcelona. These photos came to light immediately The photo of Biku with his apparent new partner became known.

Without mercy

Shakira and Big

Juanjo Martin. F

The publication of the English media is very strong with the Colombian, With her nicknames like “depression” or “disaster”. The Spanish media described the report as “horrific.”

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“The Colombian singer, 45, was depressed when she got behind the wheel a few days after her husband Gerard Pique was photographed with a mysterious woman at a party in Stockholm,” the article said.

“With minimal makeup, Shakira could not smile as she drove home on Tuesday.”

Reactions on social networks were immediate. According to the face they see in the photos, fans have made many comments, some of which are even in resemblance to the artist.


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