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Last Thursday, the National Court appealed to Interpol in Quito to find the former court, four former officers and three convicted businessmen.

Former President Raphael Korea He is with his mother and sister Pierina in Caracas, Venezuela. UNESCO confirmed this to its legislator through its Twitter account.

No one buys life, there is nothing more precious than a son hugging his mother and a mother hugging her son! Harmful people are definitely there! I’m in Caracas, yes! I came with my mother who is 86 years old so my brother can hug her tightly, ”he said. Pierina Korea.

A video has been circulating on social media since yesterday, where the former president is seen with his sister.

Both are greeted by an outspoken official who tells them: “Come to your home, our capital. The cradle of our liberator Simon Bolivar ”.

Last Thursday, the national court appealed to Quito Interpol to find the former court, Four former officers and three businessmen have been convicted in 2012-2016 for the crime of bribery in a bribery case.

By court order, Judge Walter Magias ordered that “the head of the Interpol-Quito National Division be appointed so that he can report on the whereabouts of the former president and others.” (I)

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