Motacua beat Real Espana to thank a small Calvallis in the first leg of the semi-final – Dice

Real Spain were up in the series against Motagua. He fell 1-0 in the first leg of the Clausura semifinals at Tegucigalpa, signing only that he had been stopped and unable to corporate. They have not won for more than a month since they won life, and it seems that the process will continue unless there is a change in attitude.

The Motagua thing was so good, it was so deserving on the scoreboard, but they had a wall called Louis “Pupa” Lopez, he was so good, he took so many and carried the goal mark and walked high. There was nothing he could do about the goal of Matthias Calvallis and he crossed it and signed a complete victory.

Repasá: Minute by minute of the Motagua VS Real Espa game

There are already five games in a row, with the Blues beating Real Spain in a row. The return will be in Morason on Wednesday, and “El Potro” Guttierez will try to change the face of the team by making some variations as players like Ramiro Rocca, Mario Martinez, Joe and Alejandro Reyes have been hidden. It seems that the Arinecros are declining and they are not corporatizing in the attack.

Defender Christopher Melandes headed the cross sent by Walter Martinez into danger towards the goal of Buba Lopez. Photos by Emilio Flores

Motacua’s advantage gives him the chance to see one more league final, and they firmly stop the professors whenever they come to San Pedro Sula. This time Diego Vasquez meets “El Colocho” Martinez and “El Cino” Lopez, two players who unbalanced rivals, including combat work in retrieving Juan Delcado, which turns the team into a corporate. Kevin Lopez stops him by the band, Calvallis has control in hand.

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Undoubtedly, Motacua also had a good Jonathan Rugier in this game, he included the obvious ones. The Mottagua goalkeeper begins to guarantee increased security. The Melandes thing is nothing new, he is a player, he appears on the field and gives the confidence that Pereira and Texas understand each other better. At this length of the competition, the Blues are the favorites to reach the new final if the pace continues.

Real Spain defender Ketchel Montes tries to hide the ball in front of the identity of Chinese Ivan Lopez.

After scoring, Real Spain were too low for a draw, which had some brilliance in the game. “El Potro” took Alejandro Reyes to search with Dixon’s speed. Returned to bear the risk, but he did not appear, and he was canceled. Now the coming days in the Louisiana region of San Pedro Sula will be very tense because the season will end if key decisions are not made. Arinecross needs a good shake to get up on Wednesday and use the home benefits.

Game Sheet

Motagua (1): Jonathan Rogier, Omar Elvier, Christopher Melandes, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Texas, Walter Martinez, Matthias Calvallis, Juan Delcado; Kevin Lopez; Ivan Delcado and Roberto Moria. DD Diego Vasquez

Real Spain (0): Luis Lopez, Ketzel Montes, Allan Vargas, Wisdom Quay, Franklin Flores; Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavades, Alejandro Reyes, Mario Martinez, Jason Mejia and Ramiro Rocca. D.T. Raul Cutters.

Motagua: Entered: Ivan Lopez min.68 by Cervio Pen; Entered: Carlos “Muma” Fernandez min.76 for Kevin Lopez; Entered: Jesse Moncada min.76 by Walter Martinez; Entered: Gonzalo Klusner for Roberto Morera min.84; Entered: Matthias Calvallis Min Baron Montes. 84.

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Real Spain: Entered: Alejandro Rice min.46 by Derrickson Pack; Entered: Michael Garcia for Joe Benavades min.66, Entered: Devron Garcia min.76 for Mario Martinez.


Motagua: Wesley Texas min.50
Real Spain: Ketzel Montes min.73

1-0 Matthias Calvallis min. 29

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