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Argentina’s Eduardo Periso’s team will not leave and sports experts will not restrain themselves when expressing their acid criticism.


Disappointment spread in Paraguay after Thursday’s defeat to Al Qaeda in Ecuador, which was now between a rock and a hard place with a duty to win in order to promote options to qualify for Culber-2022.

The next two home games remaining from the September combo against Colombia and Venezuela will be crucial for future Curaao.

Argentina’s Eduardo Periso’s team will not be leaving and sports experts are no longer moderate when it comes to expressing their acid criticism against the Albroza coach.

Guranis appeared at Quito’s height (2,850 meters) with a thin line of defense and attack, with two of their captains, center-back Gustavo Gomez and left-back Omar Aldred suspended.

To augment his misfortune, Alberto Espenola, one of the key elements of the defense, was injured just like the late Santiago Arsamendia.

Junior Alonso was included in the removal of the opening guard, who will be sidelined due to the accumulation of cards.

Previously, his main credit was the absence of Miguel Almirin, who was banned from traveling to the club, in Newcastle, England, on the grounds of contagious ethics.

Robert Harrison, president of the Paraguay Football Association (ABF), has announced that he has already submitted a request to FIFA for damages to his selected team.

Periso promoted the entry of four debutants against “Dry”: midfielders Hugo Martinez, Brian Ojeda and Jose Florenton, and Luis Amarilla.

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However, the dream of Qatar 2022 is in jeopardy from Paraguay, unless the “miracle” of two consecutive wins happens against Colombia this Sunday and Venezuela next Thursday.

The next combo looks tough

The next compound looks harder on paper. The red-haired team will face the champions of Copa America, Argentina and Bolivia at La Paz (3,600 meters).

The Paraguayan coach wanted to avoid criticism from sports experts, citing stomach upset at a post-match press conference in Ecuador.

He blamed the reverse impact, which caused more bitterness in the final minutes of the game.

Paraguay have already amassed five consecutive games unbeaten in qualifiers. Until two dates ago, Periso’s eleven were still unbeaten, but with one win and four tracks.

He has failed in his last two presentations. Guarani can only defeat Venezuela on October 13, 2020.

Since then, Alproza ​​has won 1-1 against Argentina, 2-2 against Bolivia and 0-0 against Uruguay. They fell 0-2 to Brazil in Asuncion and now have a 0-2 defeat against Ecuador in Quito. (D)

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