“Did you see this? A preliminary hearing will be in jail, not in court.”

The wives of Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Felix Martiaga, Victoria Cordenas and Berta Valle condemned the results of a show directed by Fernando del Rincான்n this Thursday night, both political prisoners of the Daniel regime subjected to Ordega and Rosario. Murillo.

“This is no longer a political issue. It’s a human rights issue. My husband, Juan Sebastian, lost 25 pounds within three months of his arrest. Without security, it is illegal, “said Cordenas.

In addition, Cordenas said that Chamorro had lights in his cell 24 hours a day, which affected his sleep, vision and psychological torture.

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For her part, Vale said the treatment her husband Martia receives is very similar to that of Juan Sebastian. “The little thing he and his sister could talk about was that during the first month or so of his disappearance, he was completely alone. He was not in contact with anyone at all,” he denounced.

“Like Juan Sebastian, Felix lost over 20 pounds and said he eats up to twice a day. Something basic, rice and beans, and thankfully, whoever is not beaten, my biggest fear is that we say he’s one,” Walleye said.

According to Vallee, other forms of psychological torture, lack of exposure to sunlight and lies told to political prisoners about their families, during constant and extensive interrogations, take advantage of the fact that they have no information available from the outside.

Host Fernando del Ringcon, during the introduction of the show with his guests, pointed out that almost all of Daniel Ortega’s opponents have been imprisoned or deported, including Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Felix Martiaca.

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He expressed surprise that this Friday there will be a preliminary hearing of Zamoro and Maradia, but it will not be in a court of law, but within the new Assistant Directorate of Justice known as the Chipot.

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“On Tuesday, 84 days after the arrest, the regime allowed the couple’s relatives to see them. There is a trial, it’s not in court. No, it’s behind closed doors in El Chibot prison. Did you see this?

This Friday, Zamoro and Maradiga are already in jail for 87 days. Martiaga was a pre-candidate for the country’s presidency for blue and white national unity, but he was arrested on June 8 after leaving an interview at the regime’s public ministry. On the same day and night, Zamoro, a presidential candidate registered with the Citizens Coalition, was arrested at his home.

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Currently, the two are charged with “conspiracy to disrupt national unity”, according to their lawyer Jared Jenser, who faces up to 15 to 25 years in prison.

Jencer said a few days ago that the 80-day disappearance of Martiaca and Zamoro was “torture” under international law. He explained that the allegation was a “blatant violation of his rights” because he did not respect in practice all the protections of the formal process provided by Nicaraguan and international law.

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