Punta Catalina Trust and Energy and Mines questioned

The Justice and Transparency Foundation (FJT), which is coming up next Monday 10 a.m. Will be provided to Senators Republic, in National Congress Descriptive analysis of the legal purpose and content of the trust agreement for management Punta Catalina Thermoelectric plant, In which exposure, violations and violations of the Constitution and laws of the Republic.

The above statement will forcibly clarify all the misinformation and manipulations created around the silly virtues raised about faith. Catherine’s point, We will see in detail whether it is in the background a Privatization From Catherine’s point, Will it be in the hands of the state for the next one 30 years, Or if they are obliged to deal with state laws regarding transparency and if they have an obligation to bid in accordance with those laws, or more importantly, what are just decorative functions Confident Panreservas, In the face of the dominant and complete control of the five persons at the helm Celso Marrancini, In the name of a Technical team, Including the ability to sell shares or interest to anyone in the business it represents Catalina Point.

“We are sorry for appearing to be the Minister of Energy Mining. Anthony Almond, Did not pay enough attention to the purpose and content of the aforementioned agreement, thus repeating the painful incident, which led the delegates to approve and approve a contract, with the worst case scenario they had not read. A similar thing will happen in the Republican Senate, which has led to preparations for next Monday Senators Analysis of the Republican, 30-year trust agreement to deliver Catalina Point“, The report indicates.

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In another order, the apex court (DSA) adjourned judgment on the precautionary measure filed. Justice and Transparency Foundation, Seeks to rescind resolutions Electrical monitoring It should order the gradual dissolution of the subsidy provided by the government on electricity tariffs.

It is understood that the Foundation, led by attorney Trajano Potentini, issued a clear violation of the administrative process due to the production of various laws, including the General Regulations, the Constitution of the Republic, various laws, public law on electricity.

Until 2026, the operating company estimates that a gradual increase every 3 months will, as noted in its resolutions, cause crime and inflation. The poorest majority of the Dominican population.

FJT on behalf of lawyers Henry Michelle Adams, Caesar Nobova Valenzuela Y John Thomas Garcia, Wait for a favorable sentence, where institutionalization will be restored and justice and rationality prevail.

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