Puig: “C. Valenciana is a space conducive to investment and coexistence. People want to live here”

“Without autonomy, the giant factory would not have come to Valencian society,” said the Secretary General of the PSPV-PSOE and the President of the General Assembly, Ximo Puig, during his speech at the National Committee of the Party. The lists for the upcoming regional and municipal elections were unanimously approved. An intervention in which he combined the institutional and vengeful tone in issues such as “Water is Forever”, Regional Finance, Employment, Public Health, Recognition of Toilets, Valencia State Law, Condemnation of “Sexual Terrorism”.

After the inheritance received in 2015, Yesterday Puig defended that after eight years the Valencian community has become autonomous “avant-garde and innovation, which has increased reputational value and is one of the areas that has advanced the most.». “At this moment – he said – It is about deciding whether to look to the future or to the past. This is the division of elections. We are risking the future of Valencian society and its towns. “We’re not playing anything else,” he said.

Work and employment

Referring to employment, the Secretary General of PSPV-PSOE stressed that “more than two million people belong to and work in Social Security”. A milestone “reached” among all, which is the generation of trust, social dialogue with trade unions and political stability. In fact, he emphasizedValencian society has become a favorable space for investment and coexistence. People want to come live hereas evidenced by a recent study by the European Union and Forbes magazine. We are a friendly community of people and investments. And this outpouring of confidence yields tangible results.Everyone deserves a legislator.

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Gigafactory Sagunt

As an example he cited “The giant factory in Sagunt. A Unforgettable success for Valencian society thanks to the efficient alliance of all that means the assertion of autonomy. Without autonomy, the Giga Factory to the Valencian community». «It is a trust deposit for companies to settle here. It is a means of wealth and prosperity, not confrontation. To raise wages and redistribute We need responsible companies», he confirmed in a clear reference to the controversy with the businessmen of the government’s partners in the central and regional governments. In contrast, Puig defended it A socialist is “a party that thinks of the general interest and is not partisan. Some are in a confrontation that only results in infertility».

“Forever Water”

Regarding the water debate, Puig noted, “We stand for it transformation And solution forever, what is necessary for the Valencian Community. It is our duty as government and socialists. Arrange, reach agreements and move on. We do not have a comprehensive vision. The agreement is not treason. It is moving forward.” So he added: “We will be there to defend the interests of Irrigation and Vega Baja in the courts if necessary, but we also work on the oversight committee to reach agreements so that Irrigation will have safe water forever.He defended this by paraphrasing the slogan of earlier times, “Water for All”.

regional financing

Regarding regional finance, which has disappeared from the state’s agenda, the Secretary General of the Valencian Socialists insisted that «It is not a problem of the Valencian Community. It is the problem of all of Spain. From here we always do politics for Spain. Federal loyalty is caring for ourselves, understanding others and thinking about the common interest. This is a problem that endangers the welfare state. Hence, our demands are aimed at achieving economic stability and power generation capacity. To invest in innovation and infrastructure, and to create an economy that generates redistribution of wealth. We cannot understand that regional finance does not appear on the Spanish political agenda. Because it is dating inequality».

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Social policies and civil law in Valencia

Remember Advances in social policies Puig noted that health co-payments are a thing of the past since the arrival of the Botànic, which approved the Universal Health Act. was pAgreement for COVID Victims and Work During the Pandemic Ministry of Health and Health Professionals.

He also showed his Generalitat chief General adherence to the Valencian Code: “It does not make sense that other regions exist and ours does not. They have the same rights“, defend.

Shortly before the electoral rolls for the upcoming elections were approved unanimously, Puig wanted to stress that the PSPV It has an “ambitious” project for the Valencian Community “passing through decent work, social justice and sustainability. From there we can evolve The Valencian path was this, to bring the country out of a state of low reputation and low democratic quality so that Valencian society would be seen as a model of hope.“Advanced.” We want to get there Valencian society is as egalitarian, just and humane as possibleFormer Socialist Minister, Ernst Loesch, defended him.

“We want solutions, not the mud that the truth wants to put on us.”

The Secretary General of the PSPV-PSOE called Looking to the future without looking at the past in the face of “the dirtiest right-wing campaign in history. They have no political project or solvency…only opportunism.”, very important. This would not be the only occasion on which he criticized the inheritance he had already received and exceeded it, according to the socialist leader’s diagnosis.

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«Let us remember that In 2015, there was notoriety, corruption, waste, a society in decline, and a muddled government.Puig asserted when describing the situation in which Botanic’s first government found itself eight years earlier. Since then “a lot has happened” and “Clearly, there is no worse economic, social or reputational indicator now than before».

Puig again hinted at “right” while hesitating his water demands. «We want solutions, not the mud that the right wants to put on us, who cares about mud and tearing to get votes.. But right wrong because Valencian society has changed. Milongas like the one run by Agua y Progreso, which spent $8 million to pay for paellas, is unbelievable.. the The Valencian community and Vega Baja want solutions. They don’t want more mudhe claimed.

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