Along with a blue dress, Crystal Silva shows that miniskirts will be a must-have for Spring 2023.

One of the most radical changes in terms of fashion is one of the upcoming seasons, so it’s time to update your wardrobe, ditch the big jackets and warm sweaters, Cool set This will allow you to balance your temperature during the hottest time of the year.

So if you don’t know how you can join Seasonal trendsOne thing you can do is review the note we made about the 5 colors that will rule the spring of 2023, where you can get inspired to create different outfit combinations like the one you showed. Cristal Silva on her Instagram accountThis weekend was eye-catching with the perfect outfit.

The best thing about this look from the former Mexican beauty queen is that it’s not only versatile and easy, but it actually takes basic clothes, so you don’t have to spend on new clothes to look good. Presenter of “Come Joy”.

The best way to stand out in spring is to incorporate the season’s trends IG: @kristalsilva_

As seen in the pictures, Crystal Silva decided to join the miniskirt trend With this piece in blue, it helps to highlight her hips and waist, thanks to the cut of the piece, which reveals her steely legs, which are crowned with ankle boots that come in a different color. Cool, just a bit saturated.

This creates a gradient aesthetics As this dress is presented in a darker tone, it is reflected in the blouse of the presenter. Miniskirt worn by Crystal SilvaIt makes the color intent of the now 31-year-old Mexican ex-model clear.

Do you like Krystal Silva’s look? | IG: @kristalsilva_

Regarding the use of different shades of blue, it should be noted that wearing a darker shade on your stomach can make your figure significantly prettier, while wearing a lighter one on your waist can emphasize the curves in this area. Body, such and how done Crystal Silva.

As for accessories, since this is a casual dress, it is not best to complement your final look too much, so it is only recommended to wear simple earrings and a pair of bracelets, silver if you focus on cool colors. Or if your look sticks to warm tones, copper will undoubtedly crown you the queen of spring.

Remember to complete your look with the right accessories IG: @kristalsilva_

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