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MEXICO CITY: In order to ensure the sovereignty and security of the national airspace, Senator Giovanna Banuelos, Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Workers’ Party (GPPT) and Senator Miguel Angel Lucero Olivas, proposed the passage of the National Airspace Control and Protection Act. .

Likewise, they proposed reforms to the Basic Law of the Federal Public Administration and the Basic Law of the Army and Air Force to provide legal support for the involvement of the Ministry of National Defense in matters of airspace control and protection.

In support of the proposal, on behalf of himself and Senator Giovanna Banuelos, Senator Miguel Angel Lucero Olivas noted that the GPPT supports President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s National Security Strategy, in which civilian and military forces are involved and coordinated to combat various forms of insecurity and criminality.

For this reason, he made clear that his initiative seeks to adequately protect the airspace, as part of the national territory, and to establish a coordination mechanism between institutions to take advantage of the civil and military capabilities and resources available to the Mexican state.

He explained that the goal is to regulate the powers of the Federal Government over the national airspace, and to provide legal support for the participation of the Ministry of National Defense, so that work through the Mexican Air Force is carried out in a coordinated manner with other parties. Government agencies. The federal public administration and civil and military resources are used for the public benefit, which aims to protect and protect people, their property, and their environment in the use of national airspace.

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Lucero Olivas noted that on April 28, 2022, the Federal Executive sent to the Chamber of Deputies the initiative of a draft decree promulgating the Mexican Airspace Protection Act, which proposes the creation of the National Surveillance System and Airspace Protection, and the National Airspace Control Board to coordinate policies in this matter; And the creation of the National Center for the control and protection of airspace, both initiatives coincide.

However, he stressed that the initiative he presented with Senator Giovanna Banuelos proposes a different integration from the proposal made by the Federal Executive, in the integration of the National Airspace Control Board that allows for a balance between civil and military powers, since the head of the Ministry of the Interior is being included in place of the head of The leadership of the National Center for Control and Protection of Airspace, which will be the head of the Technical Secretariat, so that it has a voice and not a voice.

It will allow the said council to be in line with the austerity policy of the Federal Government and with a new security approach that redirects the actions of the armed forces in accordance with the National Peace and Security Plan, as a central focus of mission development. Dedicated to the Mexican Air Force.

“This council should establish policies for the coordination and exchange of information between the subsidiaries and entities of the Federal Public Administration that have powers in matters of aviation and airports,” said Miguel Angel Lucero.

Another central element of the PT initiative is the reform of the Federal Public Administration Basic Law to provide the Ministry of National Defense with legal powers to ensure the sovereignty of national airspace and the establishment of prohibited, restricted or dangerous areas; As well as identification areas for navigation in national airspace.

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The lack of effective regulation to ensure the sovereignty and security of national airspace poses a grave danger to all. The legislator emphasized that shortcomings in the current legal framework with regard to surveillance and protection of airspace could cause future loss of human life, harm the Federation and violate the human rights recognized in the Magna Carta.

The initiative was handed over to the Joint Senate National Defense and Legislative Studies Committees for later analysis and opinion.
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