PSOE requests a cultural space in the old post building, as planned

Valverde, with part of the socialist team in Almeria City Council.

The socialists are of the opinion that the smart green cube should be installed in the beta, a “proper and natural” place to open up a youth space in the center that will revitalize it.


Today, Wednesday, Adriana Valverde, a spokeswoman for the Socialist Group of the City Council of Almeria, expressed the position of the Socialist Socialist Party regarding the mayor’s announcement to allocate the space currently still occupied by the old post office building to the project called Smart Green Cube, promoted by the Andalusian Military Council.

Adriana Valverde asserted that it was “undoubtedly a great initiative, but its location in the city center is not that great”, and consequently, declared “the Socialist group rejects that unilateral decision taken by the mayor agrees to transfer that land to the Andalusian Junta in the Governing Body.” On March 11th.

In this regard, he noted that the spokespersons of the various political groups had a meeting with the mayor in December 2020 where they agreed to support the purchase of the post building but to “allocate it, as indicated in the document signed by everyone. And addressed to the state post office, for cultural use » He continued, “At the said meeting, the political groups agreed and gave our approval for the purchase, but for the cultural content of the building, and not for something else that is being offered to us now.”

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Thus, he declared that he did not understand what a change in standards responds to, “when all political groups agreed on this cultural use and that we gave our support to.”

The Socialist spokeswoman insisted that this site in the heart of Almería “screams for a building that has a cultural use, aimed at the youth of our city, so that the center and the El Paseo are filled with life, with young people who revitalize the city center”, and gave as an example Casa Encendida in Madrid, “a cultural center open to all the masses but especially to our youth, with cultural and educational activities also and which seek to share with the people of Almeria the culture.”

Valverde stressed that “what the Paseo center and especially the surrounding areas need is life throughout the day”, while lamenting that “the only claim to go to the center today are the remaining shops and bars, because the franchises have almost everything gone.”

A PSOE spokeswoman predicted that “the building the mayor intends to locate will have opening hours,” and added: “We all know what happens to the Hermanos Machado Oliveros area when the weekend arrives, it is still deserted and on weekday afternoons, giving The life of this neighborhood is nothing but the library of Villaspica.”

On the other hand, he denounced the approval of the announcement of the demolition of the building recently that “the socialist group has not yet received the technical reports that support the necessity of this demolition, and that we requested them months ago.” For Valverde, “the demolition would be a waste if not justified by technical reports” and criticized a new episode of “the lack of transparency and the inherent obfuscation of PP in Almeria’s city council”.

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Regarding the Smart Green Cube, Adriana Valverde welcomed the project and stressed that the Socialist Group supports the investment to be made in our city, although she specified that “the ideal and natural setting for it is the Parque Scientific and Technological Institute Almería, Beta, which is built on Specifically to promote projects of this kind.” “We cannot understand how the mayor is ignoring his great potential, having a home in the city of Almeria and the city council as a member of the management company.”

In addition, Valverde revealed that the strategic plan for Emirate 2030 prepared by the city council itself “gives top priority”, in terms of innovation and the smart city, to evaluating the knowledge triangle consisting of UAL, PITA and El Toyo Urbanization, as well as integrating proximity to the airport.

In that same document, it was concluded that “the city council must have an extensive participation in the Beta management company and, therefore, in the promotion of this infrastructure of excellence, a force that must be used as one of the most powerful and innovative tools for economic development and the internationalization of our economy.”

For Valverde, “PITA is a strength of our municipality and projects such as the Smart Green Cube will come to strengthen it” the mayor admonished “for his decision to locate a place whose content is related to agricultural innovation in the center, rather than in the PITA, close to the airport and hotels in El Toyo, which can accommodate representatives of those companies The scientific institutions and organizations that the Council’s initiative plans to host.

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In the opinion of the Socialists’ Spokesperson, “This is all nonsense and it is very difficult for us to understand the lack of strategic vision that the People’s Party Mayor has for our city, for our center and for our peripheries.” “The Chiringuitos are set up like Almería 2030, and strategic plans are made that are too costly for the municipal coffers to be fulfilled later and arbitrary decisions are made to which we do not know what logic they will respond to, except that they only serve the partisan interests of the popular party.”

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