Prosecutors end charges against Trump: What’s next?

(CNN) –– Prosecution attorneys Finished presenting their case Against former President Donald Trump in the Senate this Thursday. The next session, security mode, will begin at noon ET on Friday.

“We humbly ask him to accuse President Trump of being very guilty, because if they do not, if we pretend it did not happen, or worse, if we do not respond, who’s to say it will not happen again?” The prosecuting attorney, Joe Negus, said in his final remarks.

Chief Prosecuting Attorney Jamie Raskin thanked members of the Senate for their “concern and seriousness of purpose.”

“We have done everything we can to present every relevant fact we know in the most objective and honest way possible. His final comments.

The lawyers’ arguments do not seem to convince enough Republicans 2:07

Senators, America, we need to use common sense about what happened. Don’t get caught up in a lot of foreign lawyer theories here. Use your general knowledge of what is happening in our country now, “Ruskin urged his colleagues.

During his Last day of presentations, U.S. on behalf of Trump. Prosecutors said the rioters carried out their attack on the Capitol. They also used the rebels’ own words before and after the attack to show that they believed they were acting on Trump’s orders.

What’s next on Trump’s charge

Trump’s defense team will have more than two days to 16 hours to prosecute his case against the prosecution.

Once the opening days of the debate are over, the senators will have time to ask questions from both law groups. After the Q&A session, both parties will discuss the need for witnesses and documents to be submitted. The Senate will need a majority to vote and pass these summons.

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Then there will be four hours of final arguments and senators deliberately unspecified time. Voting will finally occur In the indictment.

There are unpublished videos of the Capitol rebels 5:36

CNN’s Sugar B. Wolf contributed to this article.

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