Image from space reveals huge Rivers of Gold

Our world is constantly changing planet Earth does not stop its course and every day new things that emerge from the bowels of this globe surprise us and one of them came to light thanks to NASA.

NASA: Image from space reveals huge Rivers of Gold

Now, the famous aerospace agency managed to capture an incredible image in which “rivers of gold” appear in PeruThat’s right, made of GOLD, one of the most precious minerals in this world and with a unique composition.

We know this thanks to the POT published a spectacular photograph that was taken from the International Space Station (ISS) on December 24, but they barely made it known.

Where are these ‘Rivers of Gold’ located?

In the image, Several gold wells appear in eastern Peru, in the state of Madre de Dios. In this regard, NASA stated that these tunnels they are usually hidden from the gaze of astronauts because of the clouds.

That is why the images are a fantastic discovery, something unusual and that has rarely been seen throughout history.

How did these golden rivers develop?

On the other hand, NASA detailed that the tunnels were likely dug by independent miners, in which the deforested extensions follow the course of ancient rivers and where various sediments were deposited, including gold and other minerals.

The Madre de Dios state is one of the most important to produce gold, that is why it would not be strange if more rivers of this type appeared with more detailed observations from space.

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