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There is no start date yet for the national series of the 2021-2022 season, but many provinces are waiting for the green light to start training and get ready. One of them was Holguin, which announced changes to its pre-selection for Series 61.

As announced by the local site now, Gave the Cubs 9 casualties and 3 highs, for a total of 47 players, 3 of whom are returning from overseas, and the Cuban campaign is not compatible with the respective international leagues.

The most important case is the younger Paumier, He announced a year ago that he would not be playing in Cuba but in Nicaragua, But now he says, “From Canada he was interested in returning to playing with the Cubs after fulfilling his commitment in the Nicaraguan League.

Holguான்n starts a new provincial commissioner (Leonardo Paris), and Kaitis Soler (playing in Russia) and Noel Gonzalez (Italy) return.

The catcher, who was with Industrialis de la Habana, will return with the cubs.

Hector Hernandez continues to be the manager of the Holquineros and clarified that “they are not idle.

Also “Coaches maintain long-distance contact with players in the areas where they work, which is related to their workouts and home physical exercises.”

We leave you the priority of the updated Holguan Cubs:

Catchers: Franklin Abelle, Rowdlin Legre, Henry Benades, Michael Alvarez, Luis Lafida and Vector Boss.

Infielders: Yéison Pacheco, Edilse Silva, Michel Gorgüet, Jordan Manduley, Noel González, Junior Paumier, Michael Cáceres, Ernesto Torres, Marnolkis Aguiar, Ihuner Anache, Luis Raúl Domínguez, Adaroelre HH Hrez and

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Outfielders: Jorge Luis Pena, Jazeel Gonzalez, Lindell Leva, Leandro Aguilera, Leonor Carpallo, Kaydis Soler and Edward Magna.

Jug. , Norge Luis Copas, Tyrone Portundo, Jr. Suarez, Ramiro Rodriguez, Jorge Luis Meadows and Rafael Sanchez.

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