Former Haitian ambassador tells Abinadar to act

Paul Arslin, the former ambassador to Haiti, said yesterday that the Dominican government had a key role to play in mitigating the crisis in his native Haiti, in addition to the international cooperation that Louis Abinader mentioned in his speech before the UN yesterday.

“The Dominican Republic can try to bring the Haitian leaders together to discuss the situation so that a peaceful outcome can be achieved,” the former diplomat said, adding that after highlighting the good trade relations that the two countries have had so far, it needs to be protected.

Abinader met with the UN last Wednesday. As previously announced, he showed solidarity during the crisis facing the Haitian people and continued, “There is, or will not be, a Dominican solution to the crisis in Haiti.”

In addition, after the elections in Haiti, “it must prepare a comprehensive plan for economic and social development that will be unitedly supported by the international community, because humanitarian action alone can no longer be considered.”

Arsenal argued that Abinader’s co-operation should be paramount, since everything that would affect Haiti in any way would disturb the Dominican territory. “They can really help solve the crisis because they are part of the crisis,” he said, referring to the Dominican government and Abinader’s call to the international community. Commenting on the mistreatment of Haitian immigrants in the United States, he said, “It is a heinous crime for Haiti, the guards on horses, to have relations with them to stop them … they treated them like any other animal. That is why even US Vice President Kamala Harris talked about it.” Similarly, he felt that US President Joe Biden had turned his back on the Haitian population in his country, saying it was “politically changing”.

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“What is happening in Haiti is the fault of the United States and the Western powers,” Arsenal said. Assassination: In connection with the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moyes, he announced that it was coming. “He created many enemies throughout the Haitian community, and that is what he wanted,” the former diplomat said.

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