Priest attacked by anti-vaccinators: “After announcing that they were going to vaccinate me, I woke up with attacks on the person”

“I am not the only priest attacked by anti-vaccine workers, even in our city I know two other colleagues who made their pro-normality option public, so to speak. In turn, their Facebook pages were flooded with harsh reactions from the anti-vaccines, “said priest Dorel Galan, in a telephone interview in Digi24.

The father said where the attacks began: “A friend of the press from Cluj, knowing that I had been through the coronavirus, called me and I told him about the experience, the psychological sensations you have. I have had a moderate form, but it is not easy to be away from your pregnant and coronavirus infected wife. It was also a delicate situation from a family point of view. My friend asked me if I would get vaccinated, I told him that he also asked me this, if it was necessary. But since I am not a specialist doctor, I asked people from the health system and they told me that it is fine, although I usually have a natural immunity, they recommend strengthening the immune response in case of reinfection. That’s why I made it public. “

When the respective interview appeared on his Facebook page, Gălan woke up to “some attacks, on top of that, in person. I understand that if opinion is attacked, that in the end the vaccine is a right, but it is not an obligation. I also said in the church, in a sermon, to the faithful, that I urge you not to get vaccinated, or to get vaccinated, because I am not a specialist. Instead, I asked them to be informed by credible sources and that their decision be informed. I also told them that they will vaccinate me personally, this does not mean that you have to follow my example ”.

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Gălan also stated that “there is also a need for this transfer of trust, which must take place between science and those who consume the products of science, in this case the vaccine. The big problem – why the transfer of trust is not done – is because the health aspect is also impregnated by the political factor. While in our country we are so skeptical and trust in the political class so low, hence the problem of mistrust ”.

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