Megan Markle and Prince Harry have made another important decision. Completely unexpected news from the United States

Great news for fans of the British couple! Megan Markle and Prince Harry have made an important decision that will be closer to the general public. What is it about, and what are the conditions under which everything happens?

Megan Markle and Prince Harry, key decision. More and more in public view

Great news for those who believe that the famous British couple will disappear after being deported from the Royal Family of Great Britain! Meghan and Harry return to the public eye On a reality show It will be produced by Netflix.

In the Kardashian model, the couple agreed to live their lives in front of the cameras and show everyone what they really are. We remind you that year This is Kim Kardashian He was the one who announced the disappearance from the screens of the famous show, and after dozens of seasons they delighted billions of people.

Megan says the world finally wants to know her, but the financial reason she has been looking for for so long has not been hidden, especially since she left the royal family. The two bought a mansion in the United States, for which they sought a bank loan. To fix both the goat and the cabbage, they clapped with Netflix for புதிய 112 million for the new show, which will definitely be a huge success.

Megan Markle signs contract for new project! The couple will star on a Netflix reality show

What do they want to highlight?

Even when balanced, Meghan and Harry want to show their fans their lives and their concern for the good of humanity, even if they compromise. The couple left the United States for the United States to escape the attention they received from the press, and now they are back in the spotlight with a new decision. Moreover, this series brings their choice to the forefront “Sheds light on people and causes around the world.”

“They may have had better ideas about highlighting certain causes and poverty, but apparently Netlix wants to highlight them,” The Sun said.

The show has no worldly values, but refined ones that highlight their work within the charity. The new project is under final discussion and will run for three months.

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