Poomas dominated against the United States in a friendly battle

Poomas knocks out the United States with the first scoring of Dineno’s Brace and Caesar Hurta

United States Fell to 1-3 Cookers In a training match Opening in 2022. Seatkeek Stadium was a double witness Juan DinennoIn addition to the first note Caesar Horta With the shirt of the UNAM team, when Diego Valdes Struck by eagles.

Juan DinennoTogether Caesar HortaThey are very dangerous human beings Cookers In the first part of the product fight. Within eight minutes of the start of the match, ‘Sino’ was shot into the match by Sebastian Caesar, who was awarded a penalty by the referee for the same ‘9’. Cookers He took it to take first place in the competition.

At 29 it appeared again Juan Dinenno To make 0-2 overs United States, After Favio Alvarez’s excellent pass. ’10 ‘of the University players made a filtered pass and left the’ Commandant ‘alone in front of Oscar Jimenez, who, despite his reduction, could do little against the definition of ariasul striker.

Oscar Jimenez played a key role United States Not out with three goals before the break. Again Juan Dinenno Ordered the attack Cookers And made a pass to Emanuel Montajano, who appeared in front of the match goal, but Azul Grema saved his shot to block the third shot.

Fernando Ortiz moved his pieces in the second half, highlighting his entry into the changes he made. Jurgen Dam, A football player on trial with a team with feathers. However, he was only on the pitch for 30 minutes, at which point the area he was placed on made little contact with the ball on the left wing.

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The United States paid for an oversight in the lower zone with the third goal he scored in the game. George Ruwolkaba Aquilas defeated the center-backs fast and exchanged the Oscar for Jimenez. Caesar HortaThe only one who pushed the ball into the net.

Already in extra time of the match, Azul Grammas scored a decent goal with a score from Diego Valdes, who sent the ball into the nets after the goalkeeper had scored the last dangerous act of the game.

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