Pollution gets into your bones literally, according to science

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  • An analysis of human remains from a period of approximately 12,000 years reveals that metallic particles in the air adhere to bones and teeth.
  • Scientists point to a future with a high degree of toxic concentration because of this process accentuated with intensive industrialization.
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    That the particles that are released in the industrial production process are harmful is something that was already known. Prespiratory symptoms, toxins, and numerous other disorders they have harmed people who have worked or spent a long time in heavy materials factories and other centers. Nevertheless, the effects may have been, are and will be even more ingrained because the metal particles are literally embedded in the bones, as an investigation of the University of jerusalem.

    The finding has taken place by analyzing a group cemetery in Italy with people who lived in the vicinity of Rome for the past 12,000 years. Thanks to the long period of time of the remains, scientists have been able to compare and analyze them to reach the conclusion that the metallic particles that expand with industrial pollution pose a great danger to public health because they remain inside the body.

    The comparison of remains from 12,000 years ago to the seventeenth century made it possible to record the level of pollution at each time in bone and dental structures. “This documentation of lead contamination throughout human history indicates that, prominently, much of the calculated dynamics in lead production is replicated in human exposure. For simplicity: the more it is produced, the more likely it is to be absorbed into bodies. And this has a very high toxic effect“explains the teacher Yigil Erel, lead author of the study and member of the Institute of Earth Sciences.

    Inhalation absorption

    The researchers recall in their study that These particles come from electronic products, batteries, solar panels and wind turbines, among other objects of daily use manufactured in a massive way.

    According to experts, simply by breathing these particles of industrial metals are already incorporated into the body. But they also warn that simply by putting on headphones, this transfusion of metallic materials to the body is carried out. In fact, the analyzes have found evidence both in the teeth and in the bones of the remains analyzed, according to the report published in the scientific journal Enviromental Science Technologies.

    Given the intensification of the processes to manufacture these products and with the example of the first major industrialization processes in the world, scientists wanted to warn about the future. “The close relationship between production levels and concentrations in the past suggests that Without proper regulation we will continue with the damage to health due to the contamination of toxic metals.“, warns Yigil Erel.

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