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Actress One of his best roles in the world of acting while performing in a soap opera. “”, Where actor William Levy and Carmen Villalobos also took part. Precisely, his character left a great career lesson for the “Seagull” artist.

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Soap Opera Is an adaptation of a production of the same name in 1994, where the story of a coffee maker was named Caviota, Acting character , With one of the most powerful family members in the coffee growing business, Sebastian (William Levy) The two have to overcome various obstacles to be together, one of which is the relationship of interest you have Lucy (Carmen VillalophosWith the protagonist.

When does the story begin Caviota And his mother Hasinda comes to Casablanca to pick coffee from the second harvest of the year, hoping that they will make the last trip, because they want to be the owners of their own land. However, fate has other plans for them.

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This important telenovela was screened in Colombia by RCN at 8:00 pm and managed to attract the attention of the TV audience which is considered to be one of the most successful already made.

Carmen Villalobos, William Levy and Laura Landono take part in Delanovela.

Why didn’t Carmen Villalobos play the leading player in Cafe, Con Aroma de Mujer?

When the remake of the successful Colombian soap opera was announced, it was described that the protagonists would be two actors acclaimed by the public, but their names were not mentioned. Most thought one of them was Villalobos, but was surprised when she turned into an adversary. In this regard, the heroine Laura Landono commented:

I played, I stayed, I was excited but I said nothing. At one point, Telemundo announced that he was going to make coffee and that they already had heroes. There will be William Levy working in Telemundo, Carmen Villalopos working in Telemundo, already, he mentioned his two loved ones from Telemundo”.

The actress plays the evil Lucia.
The actress plays the evil Lucia.

What did Laura Landono learn from her character “Caviota”?

The actress gave an interview Impremedia After he took part in the production he admitted that he had given up an excellent learning.

I learned to trust myself, and by the time life sends us what we need, I have learned that even though many times we think we are not ready, we know.“, He revealed.

Another development he was able to mention, can be sung by interpretation Caviota That was the biggest challenge for him.

It was a milestone in my art career as it opened doors for me as a singer, and it was great. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. He represented himself in the shoes of Caviar and knew exactly what it meant from minute zero“, Londono explained.

Actress with William Levy.
Actress with William Levy.

At another point she admitted what had prompted her to play Caviota It is a character of Latin culture and its first character Colombia Was very successful.

It filled me with inspiration and I felt nervous, but despite the nerves and what many others said, despite the expectations and the overwhelming pressure (…) Today, the broadcast program, looking at the reception people gave me, made me realize what a great achievement we have all made. That’s the importance of a team, not only do some things get accomplished, sometimes we think so, but there are jobs like this“, He ruled.

Is Laura Lando pregnant?

Laura LandonoFinally, he expressed a surprise to all his followers: he Pregnant Of his second son.

“There’s a baby in the way. It’s like a coffee bean. From this beautiful project, there is energy from all of you who see this story, so I want to share this with you with the utmost love and all the joy it brings me. Time in my life.”Said the Colombian actress.

She is a mother Almost two year old girl, So she hopes to give him a baby brother, just like it happened to her. He also said he has “A few months” Pregnancy, but all anticipation of a new happiness.

“I always felt the need to give him a little brother. What I want most in my life is my brothers.”The actress commented.

Who is Laura Lundo’s husband?

Laura Landono Married with Santiago Mora Last December 7, 2018. The Colombian actress met the businessman Cartagena de India’s International Film Festival.

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