Political crisis: Sanchez of Puntarenas calls for “unity” with Cuba, criticizes ban and promises to provide vaccines | Spain

Sanchez, head of the Spanish government in Los Angeles this Thursday.ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE

Puntarenas Sanchez As shown in an interview today CNN During his three-day visit to the United States, he said in Spanish that the Spanish government’s position on Cuba was very different. Joe Biden. During the White House Cuba allowed the defense minister and the ‘black berets’ to suppress the protests In recent weeks, Sanchez responded to a question about this decision, which calls for “unity” with the Cuban people, who are facing a very strong crisis due to the collapse of the Govt-19 and tourism.

The Spanish president has criticized the Cuban regime, saying he and his administration “called on the Cuban government to make reforms to start the road so that citizens can enjoy the same rights and freedoms as the Spanish.” But at the same time, Sanchez stressed, “To understand globally what is happening in Cuba, you need to see how the Govt is attacking Cuba more severely, especially tourism and a more fundamental sector of the embargo.”

In an informal conversation with reporters in New York during the same trip, on Tuesday, Sanchez recalled that already all Spanish governments, as well as the governments of the PSOE and PP, have always been against the ban. The Spanish president said he respects the decision of the Biden administration, which he considers an “internal issue” that he will not discuss, but made clear the differences. What the international community needs to do with Cuba at this time is, in line with its vision, to provide “an army in solidarity with the Cuban people” and to provide vaccines to help the islands recover quickly from the COVID-19 crisis. As much as possible. Spain will begin this week to donate 7.5 million doses to Latin America, as promised by the president, and Cuba will be among the beneficiaries.

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Spain’s opposition daily demands that Sanchez describe the Cuban regime as a “dictatorship,” but they never did or did not. Jose Maria Aznar நி Mariano Rajoy When they were president. Pablo Casado called on Sanchez to tighten his grip on power and call it a dictatorship. The government responds that if Sanchez does so, the immediate effect is that Cuba will sever ties with Spain and that it will not only benefit the enormous interests of Spanish companies on the island, but also the ability to influence the potential transformation of democracy.

That’s why they explain in La Monclo, why Aznar and Rajo never talked about dictatorship, and even if Casado comes to La Monclova, he will avoid it. That is why the Sanchez government seeks a rhetoric and points out that Cuba is “not a democracy.” With these statements CNN In Spanish, an important chain in the Hispanic world, Sanchez clearly distances himself from the most extreme positions of the Cubans in Miami and places himself in the most frequent ranks of the EU, except to criticize the regime and seek influence on the island’s future without breaking it.

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