Police stop food delivery motorcycle driver

A video on social media shows a new act of endurance when a motorcyclist is reprimanded for getting out of a vehicle with the key to change the driver’s tires of the minibus.

The National Civil Police confirmed that the driver of a minibus who allegedly assaulted a motorcyclist during an open dispute on the road was arrested at the last minute.

In PNC’s tweet, the person in charge, without revealing his identity, was arrested for the attack.

Over the weekend, a video shared on social media shows the driver of a private minibus exiting the vehicle with an “L” key to loosen the tires and threaten the motorcycle. Tells the motorcyclist of the food delivery company.

Video: A police officer assaults a citizen while he is at a checkpoint

This person was arrested for an intolerant act, threatening with an ā€œLā€ wrench to remove the nuts. Photo EDH / Courtesy PNC.

In the video, he was recorded and viralized by another motorist who documented the incident.

“We captured a thing that hit a food delivery man with a spanner. The attack happened when La Libertad, Via del Mar was returning,” BNC tweeted.

“This fact went viral through social networks, so our teams were activated and responded in a timely manner,” the police said.

At this time, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Moreover, Defense and Justice Minister Gustavo Villadoro revealed on Monday that they have intensified surveillance of the population’s social networks due to the number of crimes.

“We have been creating digital patrols through social networks, which is why we have infiltrated communities,” the official explained in a Channel 21 interview.

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