Police estimate that 1,900 officers did not show up for work and are implementing a plan to engage in national security.

The Police Bureau He estimated that “about 1,900” uniformed men at Puerto Rico headquarters this afternoon did not come to their work changes.

This was stated in a press release issued by Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez Fiquero, who said today that he had implemented the previously considered plan.

Lopez Fikurova explained that the project analyzes the implementation of agents of special units, municipal police and affiliated agencies. Working group Federal and other agencies with law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources Police and the Special Investigation Bureau (NIE).

“The scheme provides flexibility for each area commander to appoint support staff based on the needs of the area. We are constantly monitoring and liaising directly with the mayors and municipal police commissioners to identify the needs of each area, ”the police commissioner said in a written statement.

The official also clarified that contrary to what was said on social websites, all the camps were functioning.

Many of these camps, however, operate with a police officer The mayor of Vega Alta confirmed this morningInstead, they are there to make sure there is no theft at the facility and that the service does not have to be provided in the event of an emergency call.

“We have fewer employees, but we are monitoring the requirements to provide the necessary reinforcements,” Lopez Fikurova said.

“Above all, I urge my police officers to keep our people safe. In my 34 years, the police I know have never risked the security of the city. Our governor has a commitment to fulfilling the demands of all police officers,” he added..

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Those who have not been there since this morning have started registering, Men in uniform have been called upon since 2013 to fight against the precarious retirement situation they face.

These public servants never contribute to social security and earn between 30% and 40% of their higher salaries without a pension and medical plan.

For his part, the Secretary Department of Public SafetyAlexis Torres Rios, Agency “The Puerto Rico Police have all its resources. Our mission is to provide our police officers and all businesses with the tools and best working conditions.”

“The assurance of this employee and the governor is that justice must be done to those in uniform who deserve a decent retirement after years of hard work and risk to their lives. We will not rest on our laurels looking for alternatives so that they can continue their mission of protecting lives and property, ”he said.

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