Podcast: Avoid clumsy transition from PREPA to LUMA

Days for power transmission and distribution, as well as customer service related activity Electricity Authority (PREPA) Go into the hands Luma Energy The norm of tensions in the public institution. Employees document their distrust on social networks in the chaotic process of not having access to their work centers and going to other government agencies. The Governor, Pierre Luizi of Pointe–Pitre, insists that there is no retreat and that Luma’s entry is immovable and that we must already fall.

In this episode of Podcast With editors, Former Senator, Ramon Louis Knives One of the architects of energy reform – argues that past reforms did not think about the arrival of a private operator. In addition, the Consumer Representative before the Board of Directors of PREPA, Thomas Torres Blake He explains that the big problem was the way the Luma agreement was drawn up. According to Torres Blacka, there is room for necessary changes in PREPA without running out of staff and without losing the opportunity to rebuild the infrastructure with the federal funds allocated for it.

Here is a discussion of high voltage in PREPA:

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